Two week update

It’s been a full two weeks here. First off, I received my first vaccination shot. For the record, it went smoothly, I received the Pfizer vaccine and I had no side effects. I’m looking forward to life after the second vaccination and possibly a return to a little more travel. Although I expect that will … Continue reading Two week update

No walk tonight

No walking tonight, the sky was a little threatening: And everything was a little damp: So instead, I stayed in and quilted one of my quilts: And I played a little more with glazing paper with acrylic wash: And I started a new painting: Not bad for a rainy Friday night, but Mr. Little Bear's … Continue reading No walk tonight

Thursday, already?

Is it truly Thursday evening already? WOW, this week has flown by, maybe because it's only a 4 day work week? Oh who am I kidding, when you're self-employed, it's a however many days it takes work week. And I love it! So, what have I been doing this week? Well yesterday I gave the … Continue reading Thursday, already?

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