2020. What a year so far!

Quite a lot has happened in the last two years. Shortly after my Nov 5, 2018 post our world turned upside down. And it’s been a roller coaster since then. Each time I think things are settling, the roller coaster tops another hill and ......... 2019 was a creatively lost year for me. We moved … Continue reading 2020. What a year so far!

A day off!

Some times you just have to take a day off. Today was that day! No excuses, but reasons. It was sunny today, the temps are warm. It's 73 in the shade of the back deck right now as I write this at 3 in the afternoon. I could wear sandals without my toes getting cold … Continue reading A day off!

Personal Energy

I had a conversation today with a dear friend, one with whom the conversations always leave me thinking. I like conversations that leave me thinking. Those conversations where nobody is trying to change anyone else's mind, but communication is open and the give and take of ideas freely shared. If you have such a friend, … Continue reading Personal Energy

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