Random splashes of color

I picked up my camera today and decided to walk around and take a few pictures with random splashes of color that I see in my every day world:

Hand Dyed Fabrics
Hand Dyed Scarves and my Feather Sampler piece
Red and Orange Bromelaids
Sonoma fiber singles being plied into final yarn
White blossom highlighted by maroon feather accent.

I do love the random splashes of color in my world.  What random splashes of color do you see, or take for granted and don’t truly see, on a regular basis?

Somehow it’s Friday already!  Wow this has been an amazingly busy week!  I just love it when the week goes by quickly and lots has been accomplished.

Of course most everything is in the almost done stages, but I thought I’d show you a little bit of what today has included on my agenda.

First priority today was getting my cell phone pocket pattern printed and bagged:

Check, DONE!

Next up this morning was to get the yarns and scarves I dyed last night rinsed and soaking in the fixative:

Check DONE

I always use a fixative in my final soak of my dyes.  I’ve not yet had anyone come back with a complaint about colors bleeding and I attribute it to taking that one extra step.

Of course, sometimes, when we slip, or we drop something in the process, we do get a bit of dye migration….FABs, this pic’s for you gals:

And you should see the other side of my hands………okay, no, maybe you shouldn’t.  I know, I should be wearing gloves, but right now I am actually between sizes of gloves (mediums are tight, larges are almost falling off?)…..and when I work with the scarves and the yarns, I really need to be able to feel what I’m doing.  Hence, the blue hands……….which is why I always have Reduran in the studio!

Off to go dye some blue fabrics now…………………..