I couldn’t resist.

I saw this on both Gina's and Kay's blog. And of course, there are some things on a gray, dreary, overcast, cool morning when I'm avoiding actually starting to work, that I just can't resist! And I honestly can see parts of myself in this, maybe more than I wanted to! LOL Your Thinking is … Continue reading I couldn’t resist.

Let’s Take a Walk! Lots of Pics!

It's been busy here lately, and today I needed to take a walk, so I thought I'd bring you along on it. The weather is beautiful, sunny and warm. Warm enough to put on shorts and sit in the sun for a few minutes, but not until after I took my walk. So, let's go, … Continue reading Let’s Take a Walk! Lots of Pics!

Saturday Update

Saturday morning, where did this week go? Already we're into the middle of February, time is just flying towards spring! I've done lots of small things this week, but nothing major. So I thought I'd show you a round-up of the things that have happened in the studio this week. First, I planted my seeds … Continue reading Saturday Update

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