A Sunday walk

Let’s take a walk around the yard today.

Apparently the lilies don’t mind it being hot and dry

This is the third year for this Dusty Miller!

For the first time ever, I’ve got DILL here! It seems to like being in a metal bucket in the partial shade.


The coneflowers are blooming everywhere!

Cha-cha’s getting pretty old now, and he needs groomed, but he was content to follow along on the walk, with the occasional rest period.

We’ve circled around to the weeds, that looks like work, time to go back inside!


Brandi just was not going to let Bear get his picture taken, it was time to go INSIDE!

Garden Pics

This morning, as it rains here, I thought I’d post some sunnier pictures. These were from the gardens on Monday. We’ve had a cool spring and my roses, which normally struggle are doing wonderful.

The lilies are finally opening:

And my “Red Hot Poker” plant has not once bloomed red. It started out years ago as a salmon/orange color and this year has gone to straight yellow. There must be some nutrient it’s missing, but I still enjoy it.

Hope you’re finding a little sunshine on this rainy day!

Painting as a hobby

Working in fiber as my career, I find myself still in need of a “hobby”. Something I do strictly for the enjoyment, with absolutely no expectation, no end goal, no reason other than sheer pleasure. Painting is becoming that hobby. Of course, as a hobby that means it doesn’t get a lot of hours devoted to it each week. But as a hobby, that means I can freely experiment and play. Painting a little bit every few days meant I had to find a way to keep my acrylic palette workable. Thanks to online acquaintances and friends, I was directed to different resources.

I asked and was advised to purchase acrylic retarder as retarder slows the drying time, whereas extender affects the opacity of the color. I was also advised to stick like brand to like brand. I’m working with Grumbacher, so I purchased Grumbacher acrylic retarder. But, as I was also cautioned to not add too much retarder as it would compromise long-term drying/curing of the paint, I shelved that option for another time. So I can’t say how it works yet.

It was also suggested that I mix my palette on a damp paper towel. Perhaps because of the brand paper towel I use at the house, or perhaps because of the amount of dampness I added, I found that for me, the towel was disintegrating as I was working. So I shelved that idea completely.

What I did find that is working is a Winsor & Newton moist acrylic palette. This palette comes with an absorbent pad which you moisten, then a translucent sheet which sits on top of it and you mix your colors on. I had my reservations on this system after having not gotten back to this painting for several days. But when I opened the palette, my colors were still workable and the absorbent pad was just starting to dry out! I like this particular system, it works for me and my “hobby”.

Thursday morning, I decided to devote my morning coffee time to that painting hobby. Oh, and the painting I am working on? Well, I am still working on the daylily painting, slowly taking my time and enjoying every moment I can immerse myself in this. Although I do have to watch myself, I can actually completely lose track of time once I start painting!

Here’s a picture of the progress I’ve made so far: (click to see the entire picture)