Vase and Flowers

Time seems to be flying past these days. Is it the rumblings of spring, or the fact that every time we have a good weather day I spend most of it outside soaking up the sunshine? Could it be that I spend almost every evening reading. Are there times when the balance shifts and you just have to go with the flow until it shifts back into actually producing art? I have sketches, I have fabric, and soon I intend to have work to show for it.

I did actually accomplish one thing this week. A small piece I started a few months ago when our FAB group got together for a day at Jean’s house. We spent that day experimenting with an applique technique. I decided not to use that technique in this piece, but I did use the vase I cut out for it. And then the experiments continued. I tried out the new couching foot for my DSM to apply yarn stems and leaves. I tried my hand at free-hand drawing of flowers and petals. Liking what I saw I decided to quilt and finish it. During the quilting stage I had the idea to add a few more vases in, shadowed in the background. Which led to some playing with Lumiere paints, and then to painting a base for the vase to actually rest upon. Now I have to decide how to finish this little experimental play piece, but for now it looks like this:


I have finishing options on this, I’m just not sure which to use. I could either bind it (traditionally or with fusible); or I could face it. Do I leave the edges straight? Do I curve the edges? Do I add some sparkle to those flowers or leave them as they are? Or should I put this piece on a painted canvas?

Right now I don’t know, so what I have really done is to add another UFO to the ever growing pile!

Saturday Update

Saturday morning, where did this week go? Already we’re into the middle of February, time is just flying towards spring!

I’ve done lots of small things this week, but nothing major. So I thought I’d show you a round-up of the things that have happened in the studio this week.

First, I planted my seeds for my garden. Although I know it’s early, I couldn’t resist the new planter trays from Burpee. They have a watering mat underneath, which supposedly will help water more accurately and prevent damp-off. I planted early this week (or was it last weekend?) and already I have seedlings.

The view from the front of the longarm. This is what I see as I work and look out the window: (note, upon edit preview, I see these photo’s are cutting off one edge, so click on them for a full view and I will have to look into revamping the appearance of my blog soon)


And a close-up of the seedlings, I’m hoping to have a successful herb garden this year, along with an abundance of tomatoes.



Last year I dried tomatoes instead of canning then, and while I enjoy the dried tomatoes for certain dishes, I miss having the canned tomatoes to quickly heat up and add where needed. This year I hope to be able to have both stocked for the winter.

On the fiber front, I’ve been working on my Fractured Photo II Challenge piece. I received all the sections back and am in the process of putting them together. While working I went back and forth between a pieced border or not. It’s been a while since I’ve done a traditionally pieced border, so I debated, and debated, and debated. And decided yes, this piece will NEED that border. To that end I started making these:


On first calculation I estimated I would need 108 one-inch HST’s to make the border design. But, my math is usually wrong, as it appears it is this time, and I now think I’ll only need about 80! Better to be wrong in excess than in shortage!!!

And I’ve been working on a quilt based on the one of the many motivating factors that force me to create art. Yes, I said force, because the voice that is within is too great to let lie still, so I must create. I’m at the quilting stage for this piece and it’s tiny quilting, but those who know me know that’s not unusual. I like fully textured backgrounds:


And my last bit for the week, my SQ (Secret Quilter) from MQR was revealed to me this week. I have been getting wonderful packages from Australia and this one was no exception. Clare has been a terrific SQ, and this time I received Australian fabrics!


Aren’t they great!!!!! Ten pieces of Australian themed fabric!!! My SQ sent them with an apology that she hoped I liked them as they weren’t in my usual color choices, BUT, I find them amazing. And they spoke to me immediately, it won’t be long before I’m using these in a piece! So Clare, thank you very much, you’ve been the best!

Looking back, I had thought I had a non-productive week, and although nothing got finished, I can see I made progress on several fronts, so it’s been a good, productive week after all!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week with more progress!!!