A Sunday walk

Let’s take a walk around the yard today.

Apparently the lilies don’t mind it being hot and dry

This is the third year for this Dusty Miller!

For the first time ever, I’ve got DILL here! It seems to like being in a metal bucket in the partial shade.


The coneflowers are blooming everywhere!

Cha-cha’s getting pretty old now, and he needs groomed, but he was content to follow along on the walk, with the occasional rest period.

We’ve circled around to the weeds, that looks like work, time to go back inside!


Brandi just was not going to let Bear get his picture taken, it was time to go INSIDE!

Shopping day!

Today was a shopping day, we were out of dog food, it couldn’t be put off any longer.

I’ve been waiting to receive the April/May issue of Quilting Arts for some time now. It was originally sent on time for subscriptions, and then resent by customer service. When I hadn’t received the resend in 2 weeks, they resent again. I still haven’t received my issue in the mail so I’m thinking it’s a postal problem? But in the meantime I decided to just go purchase this issue to have it. That meant a trip to either Huntersville, or Hickory. I chose Hickory since I hadn’t been there in a while. Barnes & Noble held it for me until I got there and it was well worth the drive to purchase it.

Of course, while I was in Hickory, I had to go to the Lee’s Sewing Center and look around. Besides, I needed needles and bobbin thread for this piece:

It’s only approx 16″ square, and when I drew out this butterfly pattern, I didn’t realize how small all the details would be in fabric. So, my plan is to thread paint the details in, thus the bobbin thread. And as I haven’t decided whether to put in the greenery in paint or sheers, I also grabbed some very small needles in case I chose to work in sheers.

Then it was a trip to A.C. Moore, another store we don’t have here locally. Although I went in to purchase a 2B graphite pencil (I’ve almost used mine totally up!) I had to browse. I’ve been wanting a portable watercolor something for quite a while now. I’ve got tubes of wc, but they aren’t really for just carrying around, even though they’re in a nice box. And I’ve got wc pencils, but it’s not quite the same as direct painting.
Today when I was out shopping, I found this:

Inside are 12 half pans of basic colors from Winsor & Newton with the cutest little brush, it unfolds and looks like then when open:

Folded up it measures only 2-1/2 inches by 5 inches!!!! The perfect size to stick in a tote or my purse with a wc sketchbook and carry with me!  I’d really like to rip these open right now and see what they mix like, but unfortunately, duty calls.  I have to go feed the dogs!

A day off!

Some times you just have to take a day off. Today was that day! No excuses, but reasons. It was sunny today, the temps are warm. It’s 73 in the shade of the back deck right now as I write this at 3 in the afternoon.

I could wear sandals without my toes getting cold today and I do love my sandals. Little Bear needed to take a walk through the neighborhood and make sure no houses had moved. The yard needed someone to walk around it and inspect for signs of spring. And signs of spring were found, the bulbs have poked their heads up about 3 inches already. The roses are starting to bud, the pansies are blooming.

Hmm, what other reasons can I come up with?

Okay, no excuses, but it felt good to take a walk in sandals and a sleeveless shirt today. It was wonderful to open the windows in the house and let the breeze come in. There’s nothing like those first spring breezes after winter to rejuvenate a soul. To take a walk and wave hello to neighbors you haven’t seen since last fall. I think almost everyone on our road is out today in their yards.

I have missed the warmth of the sun. The weatherman says tomorrow will bring strong storms and wind, followed by temperatures returning to normal for February. Soon the change of the weather means I will have to make a batch of flea spray for the dogs, and I’ll have to work mowing into the schedule. I’ll need to think about what to plant in the garden this year, and whether or not to turn it by hand. Soon I’ll have to think about the repairs that need done outside and cleaning up the yard from the dogs all winter. But not today.

Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the day. Today was that day.

I am refreshed and recharged, I can go to the studio now.