A Sunday walk

Let's take a walk around the yard today. Apparently the lilies don't mind it being hot and dry This is the third year for this Dusty Miller! For the first time ever, I've got DILL here! It seems to like being in a metal bucket in the partial shade. . The coneflowers are blooming everywhere! … Continue reading A Sunday walk

Shopping day!

Today was a shopping day, we were out of dog food, it couldn't be put off any longer. I've been waiting to receive the April/May issue of Quilting Arts for some time now. It was originally sent on time for subscriptions, and then resent by customer service. When I hadn't received the resend in 2 … Continue reading Shopping day!

A day off!

Some times you just have to take a day off. Today was that day! No excuses, but reasons. It was sunny today, the temps are warm. It's 73 in the shade of the back deck right now as I write this at 3 in the afternoon. I could wear sandals without my toes getting cold … Continue reading A day off!

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