What a week!

Wow!  What a week!!  How did it get to be Friday already? The week started with the arrival of my  new phone, which of course took a little bit of time to learn to use.  Phones aren't just phones anymore, they're little computers with their own software and programming menus!  But I think I'm going … Continue reading What a week!

Lonestar Completed

During the course of working on this I alternately loved it, got tired of working on it, loved it again and got tired again. Now that it's totally done I LOVE it and want one for myself.....but I still don't want to piece 60 degree diamonds! (pictures are clickable for a larger view) Front: I … Continue reading Lonestar Completed

Lonestar — Stage One

Have you missed my posts?  I misplaced my camera cord, and couldn't upload photo's.  And what good are quilting/art blog posts without pics? This morning I found it and just in time to share the quilt I've been working on the last couple days.  This is a Lonestar quilt that I was brought from a … Continue reading Lonestar — Stage One

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