What a week!

Wow!  What a week!!  How did it get to be Friday already?

The week started with the arrival of my  new phone, which of course took a little bit of time to learn to use.  Phones aren’t just phones anymore, they’re little computers with their own software and programming menus!  But I think I’m going to love this and it will be so much easier to share pictures.  That said, here’s a little photo show and tell.

First there was the door painting (by the husband, not me!):

Doesn’t it look great!  He’s only got 3 more doors to go (4 if you count the French doors as separates).  But he swears he will NOT spray paint another door, the fumes are horrendous!  Guess it will have to be a mini-roller……oh wait!!!  If it’s a mini roller it might be my job!  I do not spray paint, aerosol fumes and asthma do not combine well.

Most of the studio time this week was spent quilting, custom on an applique quilt that’s ready to return to the customer.  Hope she likes it:

(More pics to come after the customer sees the quilt!).

That took longer than expected, a full 3 days, and Brandi was getting a little impatient for attention:

See that look of disgust!  And of course she desperately needed groomed, which she got today.  She certainly smells better tonight, but the look of disgust is still on her face.

Of course while I spent 3 days on the above quilt, Baci wanted to jump in my lap every time I sat down:

Since I was working on this applique (for myself), he had to wait…..

Eventually though he got his way…..doesn’t he look content!

Oh and how did the week end?  With an early present to myself!  Years ago I learned to treat myself to a present every year and this year I went all out and purchased the Aurifil suitcase for my applique.  Yep, the whole suitcase!

Yep, that was this week, in a quick recap.  Hope your week was as fun as mine was…. I’m off now to see how much I can cram into one weekend!!!!!

Lonestar Completed

During the course of working on this I alternately loved it, got tired of working on it, loved it again and got tired again.

Now that it’s totally done I LOVE it and want one for myself…..but I still don’t want to piece 60 degree diamonds!

(pictures are clickable for a larger view)



I used SewFine thread and Quilters Dream Wool batting on this one.  And a muslin for the back.    Here’s why I love plain backs……



I really do want one of these for myself now!

Lonestar — Stage One

Have you missed my posts?  I misplaced my camera cord, and couldn’t upload photo’s.  And what good are quilting/art blog posts without pics?
This morning I found it and just in time to share the quilt I’ve been working on the last couple days.  This is a Lonestar quilt that I was brought from a customer.

The first thing I am doing is stabilizing the quilt (SID), doing top and bottom borders, and setting in the motifs and center quilting.   Once this stage is complete, I’ll unload this quilt, turn it, quilt the side borders and start the background fill.

Up to now, 3rd day in, I am seeing the bottom of the quilt top.  Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

Lonestar-center-wreathThis is the wreath we (the customer and I) chose for the center of the quilt.  Lonestars can be tricky to piece and have every section come together perfectly in the center, so we avoided any issues by setting in a center wreath.

Lonestar-pointsI’ve now completed all the CC (continuous curve) in the center star portion.

Lonestar-WreathAll of the corner block wreaths are set in.  There will be more detail work to be added to these blocks in the background, this is just stage one.

Lonestar-border-fullnessI’m down to the bottom borders now.  See the fullness in these?  The outer border (burgandy) has no fullness in it at all.  To compensate, we’ve chosen to use Quilters Dream Wool batting, the puffiness of it will eat up some of that excess.  Also the choice of quilting pattern will make a difference, but I’ll show that next time…….

For now I’m off to check on the pot of homemade beef vegetable soup on the stove…… (no pictures of that! lol)…….