Two week update

It’s been a full two weeks here. First off, I received my first vaccination shot. For the record, it went smoothly, I received the Pfizer vaccine and I had no side effects. I’m looking forward to life after the second vaccination and possibly a return to a little more travel. Although I expect that will … Continue reading Two week update

A busy week

This last week has been super busy. Several quilts either returned or ready to return. And some pillows covered for a customer. Then a little bit of stitching A small amount of knitting A good amount of ripping (or un-knitting). This sweater never fit me right so I’m reclaiming the yarn for a future project. … Continue reading A busy week

Catching up, yet again

No excuses, no reasons given, just catching up now on what I've been up to over the last month or so. A lot of what's gone on I don't have pictures of. A mad rush of customer quilts before the holidays. A whirlwind trip over the holidays between Christmas and New Years to clear out … Continue reading Catching up, yet again

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