Friday, March 2nd

The sky to the west of me is silver grey this morning.  The sky to the east of me is purple blue.  Although it’s light outside, the sun is not in sight anywhere and I am hearing the occasional rumble of thunder.


All of which means it’s a no quilting day here for any of the machines.   Instead I’ll spend the day working on cutting out a commission of my “Star Crossed” pattern with these fabrics:

And washing these Merino locks:

And hand stitching down this applique block: (The lettering is machine stitched onto the replacement block, it’s the block itself which needs appliqued onto the quilt,)

Of all of these projects, it’s the center one that I’m unsure about.  I’ve cut out plenty of quilts, and as I designed Star Crossed, it should be a breeze.  And I’ve done enough applique that stitching down that block will be a nice break from standing at the cutting table.  But washing those locks, well it’s my first time and I’m really not sure what I’m doing, so wish me well.

All of this, of course, depends on my ability to maintain my energy level today with all that gray dreariness outside.  I think I need  to turn on lots of lights and turn up the music today!


What a week!

Wow!  What a week!!  How did it get to be Friday already?

The week started with the arrival of my  new phone, which of course took a little bit of time to learn to use.  Phones aren’t just phones anymore, they’re little computers with their own software and programming menus!  But I think I’m going to love this and it will be so much easier to share pictures.  That said, here’s a little photo show and tell.

First there was the door painting (by the husband, not me!):

Doesn’t it look great!  He’s only got 3 more doors to go (4 if you count the French doors as separates).  But he swears he will NOT spray paint another door, the fumes are horrendous!  Guess it will have to be a mini-roller……oh wait!!!  If it’s a mini roller it might be my job!  I do not spray paint, aerosol fumes and asthma do not combine well.

Most of the studio time this week was spent quilting, custom on an applique quilt that’s ready to return to the customer.  Hope she likes it:

(More pics to come after the customer sees the quilt!).

That took longer than expected, a full 3 days, and Brandi was getting a little impatient for attention:

See that look of disgust!  And of course she desperately needed groomed, which she got today.  She certainly smells better tonight, but the look of disgust is still on her face.

Of course while I spent 3 days on the above quilt, Baci wanted to jump in my lap every time I sat down:

Since I was working on this applique (for myself), he had to wait…..

Eventually though he got his way…..doesn’t he look content!

Oh and how did the week end?  With an early present to myself!  Years ago I learned to treat myself to a present every year and this year I went all out and purchased the Aurifil suitcase for my applique.  Yep, the whole suitcase!

Yep, that was this week, in a quick recap.  Hope your week was as fun as mine was…. I’m off now to see how much I can cram into one weekend!!!!!