Antique Quilt Re-do

On occasion a customer sends me an antique quilt top to recover.  One particular customer sends me antique "carded wool" quilts to have a new top made for.  Since it's been a couple years since I did one of these, I'm blogging my journey with this one in the hopes that I'll have a reference … Continue reading Antique Quilt Re-do

Baptist Fan on Antique Quilt

Today's quilt is an antique quilt.  I have no idea exactly how old it is, but it's old enough for the shirting fabrics to be very fragile to work with.    Not extremely fragile as the last one was, simply "very" fragile. While working on this today, I was reminded how much I like simple quilt … Continue reading Baptist Fan on Antique Quilt

Weekly review

I thought I'd post a weekly round up of a few things I have been working on this week that aren't computer related.  Most of what I've done this week seems to be in the computer department, but I have managed to work on a few fiber things. First off is my late aunt's last … Continue reading Weekly review

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