Wednesday 10/23/19

Last night was our monthly guild meeting. I am so thankful for the means to be able to go to these meetings regularly again. It's refreshing to be able to spend time with people who have the same avocations. Our meeting last night was a different one than in all the years I've been a … Continue reading Wednesday 10/23/19

October 18, 2019

October 18th. Fall is on us now in North Carolina. That means sweaters in the morning and sleeveless shirts in the afternoon. And I love it. It also means my quilt schedule is picking up. I have a limited number of spaces for Christmas orders for overall quilting left, so give me a call or … Continue reading October 18, 2019

Determined this time

Well, I'm determined this time, and I have books and guides to help. The plan, to link this blog with my webpage and refresh my presence on the internet. While my old webpage was comfortable, the software it had run on was outdated and no longer supported, and apparently it disappeared completely. I am still … Continue reading Determined this time

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