Cocoa and new art

Time has been passing at the speed of light, if not faster the last few weeks.  Every time I turn around days have gone in a blur of business.  Lots of customer quilting going on, but not many pictures.  I really need to get someplace set up where I can take proper photographs of large quilts, my current setup leaves much to be desired.
But on the home front, we have a new addition to the household.  Cocoa came to live with us today.

She has one blue eye, and one brown eye, which you can’t see in this picture.  She’s as camera shy as her new mama is and I had to use the flash feature to get even this photo of her.

She’s still getting adjusted to her  new home, but our existing furkids took to her almost immediately.  Snowy did give me a bit of trouble this evening, he thought she’d been here long enough and wanted to play with her.  Cocoa, on the other hand, still wasn’t sure exactly where she was, let alone didn’t want to play.  He thinks she’s a puppy, but she’s really 4 years old and a shy little girl.  They’ll learn to handle each other as time goes on!  The good news is she’s learned to negotiate the doggie door (boy did that give me a start to hear while I was in the studio) and she’s eating; both of which mean she will adjust given time and tender care.

I’ve also been working on creating a few new pieces of art.  After many trials and tribulations achieving the effect I wanted thread painting on silk that has been painted, I went back to what I’m comfortable with, photo’s on cotton.  I’ve just started these two pieces, the beginning of a series of small works depecting Autumn and Winter in the Carolinas.

And it feels amazingly wonderful to be creating art again!!!!!!

Un-named FFFC Challenge #28

As a member of FFFC (Fast Friday Fabric Challenge), once a month we are given a challenge, with a deadline of one week to complete an art quilt following the challenge guidelines.

This month our challenge was two-fold.  To capture a mood or emotion, and to use color as a zinger.

I immediately thought of the cardinal sitting in the Rose of Sharon bush outside the studio door.  It was  a gray, dreary, day, and that cardinal brought a much needed relief of color, and yet seemed both lonely and content at the same time.

Without referring back to the picture I had taken that morning, I set out to recreate the scene as I felt it.  This is my piece, as yet un-named:


This piece, the 4th in a series based on trees, is 13″ square, fusible, painted details, free-hand drawn cardinal, beading for the eye, yarn edged.  I will be painting a 12″ square canvas to blend to this piece and then mounting it as a “hidden” canvas.  That gives  (in my eyes) a presence to the piece when it’s hung on the wall, but doesn’t distract from the fiber of the piece.

Detail of the cardinal:


I look forward to the January challenge, to come out the 4th Friday of the month.  And possibly by then I may have named this piece?!?

This and that

Over on the FAB blog, I’ve posted the results of the Art Techniques group April MAT. MAT is a Monthly Art Technique, where one member of the group will post for others to participate in. Some months there is a swap or exchange, some months it is technique only.

This month’s technique was painted batting, using either acrylic paints or procion dyes. You can see my before (wet in process) pics and my after (dry ready to use) pics here and here.

I’m still working on the “tree” quilt. I’ve used a few more mediums in it, not intentionally to use “every” medium I can, but intentionally to achieve a layered effect. Last night I added in some leaf detail.

This is a combination of Lumiere paints for the green and rust colors, and using Golden Pearl Mica Flake for the silvery effect. I hadn’t used the Mica Flake before, and feeling the dried effect this morning, I will not be quilting through it. I probably could, but I’ll be quilting around it.

And I’ve also done a little bit of fabric dyeing:

Since yesterday “was” an office day, not a studio day, I’m looking forward to even more progress today!

See you tomorrow!