No Gardening Yet!

Spring garden fever has started to set in here at Goneaway Quilting!  Yesterday in the mail I received a catalog from a seed and plant company.   So pretty, the cover had Creeping Red Sedum, Asparagus, Blackberries…. all sorts of things to tempt the gardener to venture forth.

But alas, Mother Nature has decreed there will be no gardening done yet!  Although the road is clear (what I can see of it from my front yard), and the driveway is mostly clear (there’s still one ice patch at the top of the hill); my garden area is nowhere near workable.  Heck, it’s hardly walkable!

See how the front yard is clear?  And the north side of the house where the big garden is, well that’s not snow exactly.  Underneath there is a layer of snow still probably, but the top of it is covered by really nasty stuff.  Nasty stuff that, in all honesty, terrifies me.  What is on top you ask as it doesn’t look like anything but snow?   It’s more of this:

ICE!   Yes, we still have ice in areas.  Ice on the north side of the house, ice in the gardens, ice on my azaleas and evergreens:

Ice on the back step to the yard and gardens, nasty, nasty ice!

The weatherman says that by Tuesday we will be in the low 50’s with rain!!!!!   Wonderful, wonderful RAIN!!!!!    Oh the excitement, it might actually finish melting and wash away all this nasty ice!!!

In the meantime I’ll have to satisfy my gardening desires by fixing a hot beverage and browsing that catalogue I received yesterday and dreaming of the day it’s warm enough to open the pool.

Christmas Snow

We had snow on Christmas here in North Carolina.  Measurable snow!  I’m not sure if  Charlotte proper actually got measurable snow, last I heard at 11:30 last night the readings at the airport hadn’t quite been deep enough yet to be “measurable”; but it sure was measurable here.  When I went to bed last night we had 3-1/2″ and it was still coming down.  At last check today, after it finally stopped, we were over 5-1/2″ of snow!

Now snow is NOT one of my favorite things, but I will admit, it can be pretty.  And it makes a change from the normal weather.  So I took a walk this morning and took some pictures from around the property to share with my readers.  No, this doesn’t even come close to what New England is getting today, nor to what other places in the country have already received, but still, it’s “measurable” and “memorable” for us here in Cleveland, North Carolina!

Not what you want to see in the morning……

It stormed here again last night.  This morning when I opened up the living room door I was greeted by a sight I didn’t want to see…..landscape damage.

Upon closer inspection it looks like it twisted and broke right at the base, so I’m not sure what we’re going to do with it.  Trim it back and hope for the best, or dig it up and replant.   I’ll know better when I get right up outside to it.

The most interesting part of all this, we have a dead pine in the front yard as well, that stands 25 to 30′ tall, and it’s still standing!   It’s stood through all the storms this year, the ones that took down my Azaleas, the storms that threatened my Rose of Sharon, and now the one that has damaged my Crepe Myrtle.