Long time coming………….

What has been a long time coming you ask?  Why this blog post.  I started this post two hours ago on my Ipad using the WordPress Ipad app.  BIG mistake, that is the most unfriendly app I've got on the Ipad and I have no idea where my saved draft went to, nor how to … Continue reading Long time coming………….

A change in the weather

Things were progressing nicely towards spring last week.  It was warm enough that I set up the greenhouse in front of the bay window in anticipation of  germinating seeds.   And it was bright enough with the sunshine that I had natural light all the way to the far corner of the living room where … Continue reading A change in the weather

Will it survive?

Remember how the garden looked a week or so ago? See how tall and straight the corn is?   Do you see my heirloom tomato (behind the zucchini trellis) standing almost as tall as the corn?  Isn't Wasn't it lovely? Earlier this week we had a storm come through and the next morning my garden looked … Continue reading Will it survive?

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