Sea Turtle piece links and creative styles

I've been working on a Sea Turtle piece. Rather than posting the same things twice, I thought I would provide a link to the FAB blog where I am writing about the piece and progress. Sea Turtle beginning is here Stage two, tyvek stage one, is here And this mornings post, tyvek stage two, is … Continue reading Sea Turtle piece links and creative styles


Tenacious, adjective, meaning stubborn or persistent. Hmmm, I think this may possibly apply to me. By nature I am a slow methodical artist. I like to build things up in layers, one on top of the other. With my drawings and my textile pieces, I work one step at a time, allowing each stage to … Continue reading Tenacious

Sprained wrist — Take Two

About two weeks ago or so, I managed to sprain my right wrist while working in the yard. Now since I'm left handed, I could still do stuff, most stuff. Of course driving was out for a day or two since I drive a stick shift. Yesterday I was working in the yard again, raking, … Continue reading Sprained wrist — Take Two

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