January 5, 2018

As I sit here having breakfast, I thought I’d share a few projects that I worked on over the holidays and this week.
One of my online groups had a WIP challenge over the holidays.  After two years languishing on the needles, the challenge was the perfect boost to finish them.  The pattern is Louisella by Mary Hough Designs.  Mary is one of my favorite sock designers on Ravelry.  


I also worked on a custom quilt for a customer.  I’ll share just a sneak peak.

And a class sample in progress.  More details are on Quilters Loft blog, this is one of the mini lap quilt series.  http://quiltersloftcompany.blogspot.com/ 

And finally, I rejoined WPKnits Stunning Mystery Society 2018 knit a long.      http://wpknits.com/ This year we’re knitting a total of five shawls.  Four are quarterly projects and one is a year long knit.  The quarterly shawls release one clue a week, the year long shawl releases one clue a month.  This is the start of the first quarterly shawl after the opening clue. And yes, it has beads in it!

My toast and fruit are done, so it’s time to take my coffee and head to work. The question is to which job first, the office or the studio?  

New Year, New Intentions

2018 has begun and it’s time to get back to work after the holidays.  Like many I know, I didn’t set resolutions for this year.  Nor did I set a “word” as I’ve done in the past.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have intentions.  The same intentions that I’ve had for a bit now.  To find my best health, and learn to embrace this aging process.  To make quilts for my family, which are coming along slower than I wanted, but still progressing.  To find joy in the everyday things.  To share my love of several different crafts.  And finally to learn to laugh again.

To reach one of my goals I’ve started paying more attention to what I eat, how much sleep I get and walking.  And I replaced my FitBit Clip with a FItBit Alta HR.  My intention was to wear the Alta HR 24/7 to track steps, heart rate, and sleep.  That didn’t work out as expected.  I am left-handed, but grew up in a right-handed world learning crafts like knitting and sewing.  That caused me to be almost ambidextrous.  So, despite the right or left handed setting I was loging false steps.  To that end I wear the Alta HR when I’m truly exercising to monitor heartrate, or at night to monitor sleep, but have gone back to the Clip for daily monitoring.  And I’ve joined a few step challenges and an online walking group amongst other knitters.

And I’ve returned to teaching on a larger basis.  Starting next month, I have at least one class monthly that I’m teaching.  Classes will be posted on Quilters Loft’s blog and I’ll keep you updated here as well.
For now it’s time to get the day going.  Run a few errands with the husband in is lovely weather, then come back to my warm studio and work on a custom quilt and class samples.

Stay warm!  

It really was easy!

After months of struggling with my old printer, and months of worry about whether or not I could hook a new printer up to the network, I finally broke down a week ago and ordered a new printer.

I didn’t want to, but I had no choice.  The printer is not in the studio, it’s in my husband’s office.  And it would not print unless you fed it one sheet of paper at a time.  So every time I needed to print from the studio I had to send it to the printer, run over to the printer, and feed the paper in one by one.  Not very productive.

And not being one to easily change electronics (hey the newer it is the more confusing it can get!), I procrastinated, and did my research, and procrastinated a bit more.

Finally biting the bullet and buying this printer:

lexmar-4550-printerThe Lexmark 4550.  Why this one?  Because the price was in my range, and the reviews ALL said it was really easy to hook up to your wireless network.

So I waited while it was shipped, all the while wondering if I’ve gotten myself  in over my head.  Will I have to call my computer guy out to hook this up?  What have I done?

The printer came today and IT REALLY WAS EASY! Put in the installation CD, follow the screens, temporarily hook one cable to the computer and WA-LA!!!!!  It’s done!!!!   It’s hooked up!!!!  TO BOTH COMPUTERS!!!!!

I’m so proud of me!!!!  LOL    I’m off now to print out all those things I’ve been putting off for the last while!!!!!!