Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   It’s 2012!!!   My how time flies, I remember all the preparations everyone was making for the year 2000, do you?  Now in 2012 we’re making preparations for……. well for 2012!   LOL

I posted a few posts back ( HERE ) about goals, resolutions and intentions as I was contemplating them for the upcoming year.  I still wonder if this is a “calendar” thing for me, or more a “darkness” thing; as there are so many more evening hours to contemplate life at this time of year.  Well, unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere and then you’ve got that whole summer in December stuff going on.

Anyways, back to the topic (good luck, I’m in a rambling mood this morning). I’ve been contemplating and thinking a lot between grandchild chatter and husband discussions and cooking up a storm and generally enjoying the holidays.  And I’ve come up with a word that will work for me in 2012 that I’d like to guide my year.  I wouldn’t exactly call it an “intention” word, as that implies a verb and direct action; so let’s call it a guiding word.  And my word this year:


Yes, that’s my word for 2012.  I want to be guided my those things that make my heart sing.  Not that there won’t be “necessary” and “chores” in the every day things that are done; but there must also be time for the things that make a heart sing on a daily basis.

I remember when I became aware of “heartsong” as a concept.  It was a long time ago, dad was still alive and traveling then, before he got sick.  Mom and Dad had come down for a visit and we had gone over to Kannapolis to Kannapolis Village for a day trip and were exploring the little shops.  In one shop I found a book (I do love books) titled “A Woman’s Guide to a Simpler Life”.  I think I may have still been driving truck at this point, or it might have been just before I got my CDL license, and the title intrigued me.  I’ve never been one for “games” and such, so the title would be a definite grab for me.  Although I’ve never been one for the societal restrictions of being a woman or a female either, still being a “woman’s” guide didn’t make me bypass it.  And I’m so glad I didn’t!

The book is all about listening to your particular heartsong (everyone has a different one) and following that path.  Occasionally over the years I’ve re-read the book and learned something each time.  And although I don’t feel the need this year to read the book, I can hear the call of my heartsongs.

On that note, as I do laundry and cook a meal this New Years Day, I think I’ll also go trim and bind the new placemats for the kitchen I made and spin a little more of the Merino/Silk blend that’s on the wheel.

Since I have a new camera now, I’ll leave you with a few pictures from New Years Eve Day here at the ……house? yard? studio?  hmmmm…..what do I call this place now as it’s not a “farm” but it’s not just a house either…….. AHA, I’ve leave you with a few pictures from the heartstead!   LOL

2012 Goals? Resolutions? Intentions?

Do you set goals or resolutions for a new year?  Are you a person who sets an intention word or board?   How do you handle the change over with the possibilities of a “clean slate”?


Or are you a person who doesn’t feel the need to do any of the above?  Do you live every day as a “clean slate”, making goals all through the year?


Often in December my thoughts turn to plans and intentions for the coming year.  I’ve done “resolutions” with some successes and some failures. I’ve sent “intention words” into the universe with some unexpected results.  And some years I’ve bah-humbuged (sp?) the entire issue.


This year I find myself thinking of the things “I want” to accomplish in the coming year.  As compared to when I was younger and thought of the things “I should” accomplish due to societal pressures or work goals.  Yes, that means that getting healthier will be on the list (and the most likely includes some weight loss); but I find it’s driven more from a desire to live as long as I can without chronic conditions and daily meds, rather than from the youthful “gotta look perfect” thoughts I once held.


As a side note, one day while I was thinking of a snack, and contemplating an apple, I was talking to DH (dear husband) over the phone and told him that I’d eat more fruit for a snack but it’s so much more EXPENSIVE than a cookie or some other non-nutrient type snack.  His reply to me sent me into COMPLETE SILENCE (that doesn’t happen often when he and I talk as we like to talk to each other).  His reply was simple “Only in the short term.”   That’s all he said but it got me to thinking.  (darn him, he CAN do that to me!  Make me think that is!)  Oh, and I had the apple and always have a bag of apples and some sort of citrus fruit in the house now.  ;>)


But back to the plans for the New Year, the year 2012, a year with so much uncertainty in it.  Though doesn’t every new year, or new day, hold a degree of certainty?  Okay, the plans.  Here’s where I’m headed this year.  The list may be whittled down, refined, revised, revamped; since it’s my list, that’s my perogative, right?

1.  Be consciously aware of my health and make healthy choices daily.  (but I already told you that).

2.  Knit 12 pairs of socks this year!  One pair a month.  Now I know I can do this, if I can just convince myself to SIT DOWN.  It’s not hard in the winter, but once the days start getting longer it’s so hard to sit down in the evenings.

3.  COMPLETE the 2 show quilts that are designed and in process.

4.  Learn to master my loom.  (starting with truly understanding how to warp it!)

5.  Expand my spinning style beyond fingering weight into more chunky yarns.


That’s where I’m at, so far!  As I said, my list may change, revamp, be revisited, etc, etc.

As for my intention word for the year, I have not gone there mentally yet.  I am not sure I feel the need to do that this year.  This may be the year I stop trying to CONTROL the future, but allow myself to ENJOY it as it unfolds.


Where are you at this season of ever-lengthening days and new beginnings?

So confused????

I am so confused today!  Am I a character in a children’s classic, running around asking the same question over and over?  Perhaps!  My calendar notes reminded me that we set the clocks ahead tonight.  Okay, I can do that.

But then my mind started spinning.  What does that mean?  Will it be lighter earlier in the morning, or lighter later in the evening?  For the life of me I can’t remember which it is.  I tried “reasoning” it out and just confused the person I was reasoning it out to as well.  So I googled it, and got more confused!

Sigh, either way I’ll know by tomorrow night.  I say night just in case I don’t bother to set the alarm and I get up later tomorrow morning.  I have a tendency to do that on the weekends!  ;>)

I’m spinning around on other fronts too.  It’s almost mid-March here, yet the other day we had January temperatures.  That meant winter clothes!  Not bright, cheerful spring clothes, but warm, functional winter clothes.  Hmmm, perhaps I should make myself a “winter” sweater in a bright, cheerful, “spring” color!  Naw, it’s not going to be this cold next spring, says the eternal optimist!  But then again, cheerful spring colors in January might not be so bad…….

And I’m still literally spinning, yarn from roving that is.  Today I take a class, hopefully improve my technique a bit.  I still haven’t figured out exactly WHERE that roving is supposed to go to before you spin it so it doesn’t get caught up in what you’ve spun.  Perhaps I need longer arms from my wrists to my elbows!!!!!  Or just to take the class?

Next time up, a post on the Round Robin I’m participating in.  It’s almost over now, just one more month/border to go and then all participants quilts will be returned to them.  So that makes my mind wander to “what next?”.  I’m thinking it’s just about time to drag out those sketches and start to work on the flower block of the month I’ve designed.  Applique, a different flower for each month, and I PROMISE the December flower will NOT be a Poinsettia!

Until then, have a great Saturday and I’ll be back soon………..