2015? Already?

So, I look at my phone today and it shows me that it's January 3rd, 2015!  Really, we're in 2015?  How did that happen?  When did that happen?  Okay, logically, I know that 3 days ago was when we moved into 2015, but mentally, I'm just not  there. Over the course of the last few … Continue reading 2015? Already?

Catching up on blogs and news

With all that has been happening here this summer, life has been crazy and hectic.  Along the way I didn't spend my usual time schedule on the computer and was doing more of a grab a minute here, or a minute there, get lost in a certain social site and lose an hour (or more) … Continue reading Catching up on blogs and news

Electronic Time Eater………….

Lately I've been noticing a few things.   How much less I get accomplished in one day compared to what I used to get done.  And while some of that can be explained by aging and a few injuries, the majority of it seems to be that time just disappears.   One minute it's 7:30 a.m. and … Continue reading Electronic Time Eater………….

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