Back on schedule

Well, I'm finally back on my normal schedule.....housework and office in the a.m.,  studio in the afternoon and evenings.  It feels good to be back to normal, or whatever is normal for me. This morning I took a walk with my camera and discovered we have one tree with COLOR!   Yes, COLOR in capital letters!!  … Continue reading Back on schedule

Friday Wrap-up

Well, it's Friday again, and I'm not entirely sure where the week went this time?  Perhaps it had something to do with getting the new computer, transferring files, loading programs and keeping all the normal stuff on schedule too?  But it's here, Friday!!!! This Friday I thought I'd do a quick show of some of … Continue reading Friday Wrap-up

Saturday play day!

First up, a pic for Sammi, a larger view of the black and white quilt: I decided this morning to take some time to paint.  It's been way too long.  First I wanted to finish the painting that has been on the easel staring at me.  It is now done (except for sealing and signing): … Continue reading Saturday play day!

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