A little walk, a little spindling

Cocoa and I took a little walk around the property for our afternoon break to survey the damage and new growth since the storm earlier this week.  She's doing much better walking on the leash, she no longer panics that I'm taking her away and actually wiggles when she goes out the door.  A major … Continue reading A little walk, a little spindling

A little wild weather (and some piecing)

I thought this morning I'd post about the little bit of piecing that I accomplished yesterday; and then we had storms last night.  So, to maintain chronological order on this post, I'll do both. I am making progress on the commission quilt, slow progress, but I have plenty of time still.  The blocks are all … Continue reading A little wild weather (and some piecing)

Christmas Snow

We had snow on Christmas here in North Carolina.  Measurable snow!  I'm not sure if  Charlotte proper actually got measurable snow, last I heard at 11:30 last night the readings at the airport hadn't quite been deep enough yet to be "measurable"; but it sure was measurable here.  When I went to bed last night … Continue reading Christmas Snow

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