Long time coming………….

What has been a long time coming you ask?  Why this blog post.  I started this post two hours ago on my Ipad using the WordPress Ipad app.  BIG mistake, that is the most unfriendly app I’ve got on the Ipad and I have no idea where my saved draft went to, nor how to get back to it.  So, having taken the pics on the Ipad, I e-mail them to my computer to resize them in Photoshop and add some captions in.  Well, then my Photoshop Editor started acting up, changing the entire background to an over layer of red when I tried to add a caption.  And of course, there was no easy web search to find a solution.  And it’s still not fixed, so there’s only one pic with the actual caption in it, which will make this a much longer post!   LOL  As if I hadn’t already started a long post.

The original title of this post was to be “QUILTING AND A SNOW DAY”, and now I’ll get on to that topic.  The last few days here have been crazy for my area!  We got SNOW! Lots and lots of SNOW.    Normally, we might get 1″ or 2″ of snow at any given time, and it usually melts that same day.  Occasionally we’ll get a “whopper” of a storm with 3-4″.  (Yes, I’m chuckling at my Northern raised self here!).  But this time we did get walloped!  At then end of day 1, we had 7″ on the ground, then overnight we got a layer of icy snow pellets, and the following day we got 3″ of fresh snow on top of that before it stopped!

Now my rabbitry is constructed of a pipe carport structure with canvas roofing.  Hey, it’s perfect down here usually!  But in extremes, it doesn’t quite live up to it’s promise, and I was out every 3 hours for the entire storm cleaning off the canvas so it didn’t collapse.  Thankfully it didn’t and my poor bunnies even survived the terror of the broom on the roof clearing snow (although Amaya hid on top of the nest box, under a piece of wood that was laid on top her cage….silly girl!).

Today the sun is shining beautifully and I thought I’d share some pictures of our snowstorm, the day after:

This is just some of the snow that was brushed off the rabbitry roof during the storm.


Yesterday at the height of the storm, you couldn’t see the steps at all leading up to the pool, thankfully it melted some, but there won’t be any swimming for at least a day month or two.


I’ve never had snow inside the bird feeder before, I think the squirrel was trying to get in from the top and unseated the lid.  Smart squirrel, now I’ll have to dump it outside the fence line so the dogs don’t get into it and it doesn’t go bad inside the feeder and cause more problems!


Obviously the four-wheelers were out playing in the cul-de-sac yesterday.  Me, I’m not going anywhere until this is either plowed or melts away.  Since I’ve only seen a plow on our road one or two times in the 20 years I’ve lived here, I think it will be until it melts!


Thankfully the new grape vine and pear tree aren’t supposed to ship for another week, so this has time to melt off before I need to plant them.  I’m replacing the top blackberry bush on the fence to another grape as it was a variety of blackberry that I really disliked the flavor of.


And of course, there will be no growth in these herb planters, nor burning of the brush pile, for a day or two.

But it’s definitely pretty as the sun rises in the morning over the back yard.


So, what did I do inside while the snow fell between rabbitry roof cleaning sessions?  Well, I watched the baby chicks grow. (Two Golden Comet and one Buff Orpington)


And I monitored Ciarra’s fascination with them (she’s doing really good!)


I worked on a customer quilt that is all simple line work.  And although it’s taking longer than expected (especially with the weather disruptions), it’s coming out nicely and I’m pleased with it. (this is the next section rolled and ready to quilt)


And finally, once it quit snowing, I rewarded myself for all the snow removal time by SITTING DOWN and making a Valentine’s Day table topper.  Based on a hexagon, as our table seats six, this was fast and easy to do.  Although the quilting, done on my domestic as the longarm was not free, does leave something to be desired.  But it’s done and on the table just in time!


I love it when I’m right!!!!

Everybody who knows me knows that I dearly love my husband.  And everyone who knows him knows his logical thinking often trumps my creative/emotional style when it comes to practical stuff.  But every once in a while I am RIGHT and emotion trumps logic, and I just love those little bits of  time.

Remember back a year and a half ago when we started the studio addition?  We had some shrubbery we had to take down to put in the foundation.  One of the shrubs was my Rose of Sharon, and I mourned it’s being cut down.  In deference to me, and probably against his better judgement as it was in the way when laying the brick, my husband didn’t dig it up but just cut it down almost to the ground.  All the while informing me that he might as well dig it out as it wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly come back from that deep of a cutting.  He only left about 3″ above ground on the stump.  And as it had gotten so very overgrown  before he cut it down, it had become one of his least favorite shrubs on the property. It had grown up to where it was difficult to mow around outside the box it was in and sometimes it even blocked the satellite dish reception. But I loved it so he left it during the construction process.

Last summer it started trying to come back, but it was a struggle.  That was a major pruning and for a while it looked like DH was right and it would have been better to just take the stump out and start over.  Today as I walked near the studio porch I was DELIGHTED to see I WAS RIGHT!!!!!  It came back, and is blooming once again!!!!

Now I will have to do a better job of annual pruning than I had in the past as I don’t want to lose sight out of that window.  And yes, you are seeing completely through the studio to the front window with the cherry tree in front of it in that window.  But it’s BLOOMING!!!!

Why am I so enamored of this particular Rose of Sharon?  Here’s a close-up of the actual blossoms.  It’s easy to see why I love it.

So many layers of petals in that flower, with that peek of the deep color in the center.  And the petals aren’t quite white, nor are they quite pink.  Yes, it’s one of my favorite shrubs on the property.
The rest of the porch is coming along nicely, in spite of some replanting that needed done after our heat wave:

And the color is filling in nicely now along the driveway side of the studio boxes too, although it looks like I need to trim and weed again:

Unfortunately not all of the Canna’s I planted came up so next year I’ll fill in the missing spots with Gladiola’s and Hollyhocks.  But there’s lots of flower and color inspiration around the studio.  And a fare share of bees too, so I’m careful what time of the day I go out and play in the garden.  ;>)

Of course we won’t discuss in this particular post how many times he’s right when it comes to the practical landscaping stuff……

This, that and the other thing (all the outside stuff in this post)

I can always tell when summer is approaching by the volume of activities that need to be accomplished on a daily basis.  Although I think it has “something” to do with having an acre of land and longer daylight hours, I have no proof that is really the truth.  And yet every summer the same thing happens, I find myself busy from daybreak to well after dark.  And I revel in it, I am not, and have never been very good at sitting quietly and I certainly don’t vegetate in front of a television set well at all.

But I do find that I tend to forget to blog about what’s happening in my little world, so today I’ll recap a LOT of things with pictures (and probably not many words) and I’ll split it into two separate posts one outside, one inside.  This is the OUTSIDE post.

The tulip tree in the back yard is blooming again, an event I look forward to every year:

And the iris are blooming as well:

The new front flower garden bed is settling in nicely, although the south side bed is still struggling due to high sunlight and heat levels. I may have to replant that entire bed with more heat/sun tolerant plants as I tend to forget that what is full sun tolerant in northern climes is not always full sun tolerant here in the south.  But back to that front bed, even my hostas, which were transplanted at dusk when I could barely see what I was doing, are thriving:

My vegetable garden is coming along nicely and is at the “thinning” stage for the beets, carrots and green been sprouts:

The herb planters are doing well in their new location inside the fence line, closer to the kitchen door, and up on a table where the dogs can’t get to them:

The chickens are progressing nicely:

And Cocoa, as always, is happy to see me when I return from a wander outside the fence line.  Baci not so much, he’s a lot less clingy!