December 30, 2021

It’s the end of another year and this one went by much faster than last year. Isn’t it interesting how circumstances and perspective change time, when time doesn’t truly change. As the holidays come to a close and it’s almost time to undecorate (is that even a word?), I thought I’d share a few finishes … Continue reading December 30, 2021

A few finishes

First up is a needlepoint that a friend was working on before she passed away. She had it 95% completed. There were only small areas of fill to finish. I’ve contacted her brother and am waiting to hear back if he wants it. I also finished one of the cross stitch patterns that I’ve been … Continue reading A few finishes

More socks!

I seem to be on a sock knitting roll right now. I think it’s the cooler weather setting in. Or maybe it’s my cold feet. Or possibly because I love cranking sock tubes. What’s a sock tube? Well it’s a knitted tube that you add afterthought heels and toes to. I also add ribbed cuffs … Continue reading More socks!

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