Prepping for a show

I’m in the final stages of prepping for vending at the Quilt & Fiberart Emporium in Hickory at the end of the month.  More info HERE

Today I thought I’d show you just some of the final stages in prepping for the show.  After taking inventory and making a list, I’ll do a few final batches of dyes to fill in.  The note on the mirror is my low inventory list.

Of course I use every available corner for dye bins:

Including flowing over into the office/storage area:

And that makes for cramped corners, where hopefully nobody needs access to any files!  But it’s not permanent, just the last 2-3 weeks before a show.  Filing can always be done later, right?

The storage underneath the secondary cutting table (aka temporary dye counter) contains bins of fabrics sorted by color family.  An easy way to manage what I need to dye.  Because if I dyed only what I’m drawn to dye, I’d only dye a few colors (or maybe only brights!).

Of course the last stage of prepping is to make sure that all the samples are finished.  This one only needs quilting and binding, or maybe quilting and a facing.

Hope to see you in Hickory in two weeks!!!!!!

Quilting Circles and a few other things

One of the recent quilts I quilted for a customer had me going around in circles!   Happily going around in circles, enjoying the effect.

Oh what a FUZZY picture!!!!   Let’s try a detail shot so you can see how pretty these fabrics are!

Yes, much better and now the back:

Currently on the machine I’m quilting feathers:

Actually not today.  These are 6″ blocks, the inner border is 2″ wide, so those are small feathers; and I need total concentration for that.  But on the schedule for today was finishing putting the blinds up on the new windows, and DH is researching replacing the engine on his lawn tractor, which means lots of ins and outs of the door, which is distracting.  So instead of quilting feathers (that I really do need to get into an uninterrupted zone for), I’m doing the edging on some machine applique.

After a little bit of unsewing, I remembered how I control the excess fabric that isn’t “SUPPOSED” to go under the needle on the back side when I’m stitching it down.  Roll it up and pin it in place, with the roll to the front where I can see it, leaving only the part to be machine stitched showing:

How do you control the excess material so that you don’t inadvertently stitch the bottom of your wall-hanging into the center section when you’re doing machine applique?  I like this method as it’s a visual reminder of the excess fabric, which I do need….. especially on days when the door is constantly opening and shutting………

A little this, a dash of that and it’s a normal day.

I love when life has normalcy to it.  Who needs the drama?  It’s the everyday things that make me smile.

Like quilting clouds onto a baby blanket:

Or dyeing delicious colors of fabrics:

(by the way, these and many more will be available for purchase April 30th, May 1st and 2nd, at the Quilt & Fiber Art Emporium, Hickory, NC in my booth)

What else makes me happy?  A new birdbath that is cheery and colorful:

Planting spring flowers in the garden boxes:

Nature providing it’s own colorful flowers:

And watching DH extend our driveway to make it easier for him to park the truck!   How does one go about that?  First they rent a piece of equipment with a funny name that I cannot remember, nor spell.  Then they start the process of removing the stumps:

It appears the process go something like this:




Repeat as needed, numerous times.

While he’s repeating that process over and over, I think I’ll go back to quilting.

Hope you’re finding as much enjoyment in your day, doing what you like, as we are here!