Random splashes of color

I picked up my camera today and decided to walk around and take a few pictures with random splashes of color that I see in my every day world: I do love the random splashes of color in my world.  What random splashes of color do you see, or take for granted and don't truly … Continue reading Random splashes of color

What a weekend!

Wow!   What a weekend we had!  Most of the weekend was spent at the Charlotte Quilters Guild Show vending.  It was a super busy show, so busy I never made it to the quilt display to see the members quilts.  The entire two days were spent in the booth: We started the weekend with plenty … Continue reading What a weekend!

Seen around the house today

Seen around the house today were the following things: Silver King Maple seed pods: Azalea blossoms starting to open: Bleeding Hearts: Lily of the Valley: Iris buds: A Little Bear (feeling much better today than  yesterday): And last, but not least, Short Dye Glove Syndrome: What type of colorful items did you see around your … Continue reading Seen around the house today

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