24 days later

WOW!  It's been over 3 weeks since I wrote.  Time does apparently fly when you're having fun.  Or is it that it moves faster as you age?  Or is it just that there's so much to DO that I forget to take the time to blog? Either way, it's been a while! The chickens are … Continue reading 24 days later

I love it when I’m right!!!!

Everybody who knows me knows that I dearly love my husband.  And everyone who knows him knows his logical thinking often trumps my creative/emotional style when it comes to practical stuff.  But every once in a while I am RIGHT and emotion trumps logic, and I just love those little bits of  time. Remember back … Continue reading I love it when I’m right!!!!

Will it survive?

Remember how the garden looked a week or so ago? See how tall and straight the corn is?   Do you see my heirloom tomato (behind the zucchini trellis) standing almost as tall as the corn?  Isn't Wasn't it lovely? Earlier this week we had a storm come through and the next morning my garden looked … Continue reading Will it survive?

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