What a weekend!

One of the side benefits of having my energy back is that long overdue chores are beginning to get caught up.

One of the severely neglected areas this year has been my gardens. Not all of that neglect was lack of energy, broken equipment and a week of rain every afternoon were contributng factors too. It’s amazing how quickly it gets out of control when you combine warm temps and daily rain.

The garden area started out looking like this:


This was taken after I realized the old pushmower wasn’t ever going to start again and I started to tackle the overgrowth with my weed trimmer. This was the least overgrown area, the actual vegetable area was much worse!

After the purchase of a new lawnmower, and several passes with the deck set at various heights, the garden area looks like this:



Of course after that was done, I moved on to the pool which needed vaccumed and then it needed to be used and now I look a little like this:


But, in the process of all these chores, I discovered the bell peppers are almost at picking stage


And it won’t be long before it’s time to start canning the Roma’s!


And the best surprise of all…when I was doing rabbit chores I heard tiny little tweet noises around the storage shelf. Just look what I found when I went snooping:


At least 3 baby Carolina Wrens! I know they’re wrens as momma came in to feed while I was doing chores.

A pleasant surprise to end a busy weekend!

Long time coming………….

What has been a long time coming you ask?  Why this blog post.  I started this post two hours ago on my Ipad using the WordPress Ipad app.  BIG mistake, that is the most unfriendly app I’ve got on the Ipad and I have no idea where my saved draft went to, nor how to get back to it.  So, having taken the pics on the Ipad, I e-mail them to my computer to resize them in Photoshop and add some captions in.  Well, then my Photoshop Editor started acting up, changing the entire background to an over layer of red when I tried to add a caption.  And of course, there was no easy web search to find a solution.  And it’s still not fixed, so there’s only one pic with the actual caption in it, which will make this a much longer post!   LOL  As if I hadn’t already started a long post.

The original title of this post was to be “QUILTING AND A SNOW DAY”, and now I’ll get on to that topic.  The last few days here have been crazy for my area!  We got SNOW! Lots and lots of SNOW.    Normally, we might get 1″ or 2″ of snow at any given time, and it usually melts that same day.  Occasionally we’ll get a “whopper” of a storm with 3-4″.  (Yes, I’m chuckling at my Northern raised self here!).  But this time we did get walloped!  At then end of day 1, we had 7″ on the ground, then overnight we got a layer of icy snow pellets, and the following day we got 3″ of fresh snow on top of that before it stopped!

Now my rabbitry is constructed of a pipe carport structure with canvas roofing.  Hey, it’s perfect down here usually!  But in extremes, it doesn’t quite live up to it’s promise, and I was out every 3 hours for the entire storm cleaning off the canvas so it didn’t collapse.  Thankfully it didn’t and my poor bunnies even survived the terror of the broom on the roof clearing snow (although Amaya hid on top of the nest box, under a piece of wood that was laid on top her cage….silly girl!).

Today the sun is shining beautifully and I thought I’d share some pictures of our snowstorm, the day after:

This is just some of the snow that was brushed off the rabbitry roof during the storm.


Yesterday at the height of the storm, you couldn’t see the steps at all leading up to the pool, thankfully it melted some, but there won’t be any swimming for at least a day month or two.


I’ve never had snow inside the bird feeder before, I think the squirrel was trying to get in from the top and unseated the lid.  Smart squirrel, now I’ll have to dump it outside the fence line so the dogs don’t get into it and it doesn’t go bad inside the feeder and cause more problems!


Obviously the four-wheelers were out playing in the cul-de-sac yesterday.  Me, I’m not going anywhere until this is either plowed or melts away.  Since I’ve only seen a plow on our road one or two times in the 20 years I’ve lived here, I think it will be until it melts!


Thankfully the new grape vine and pear tree aren’t supposed to ship for another week, so this has time to melt off before I need to plant them.  I’m replacing the top blackberry bush on the fence to another grape as it was a variety of blackberry that I really disliked the flavor of.


And of course, there will be no growth in these herb planters, nor burning of the brush pile, for a day or two.

But it’s definitely pretty as the sun rises in the morning over the back yard.


So, what did I do inside while the snow fell between rabbitry roof cleaning sessions?  Well, I watched the baby chicks grow. (Two Golden Comet and one Buff Orpington)


And I monitored Ciarra’s fascination with them (she’s doing really good!)


I worked on a customer quilt that is all simple line work.  And although it’s taking longer than expected (especially with the weather disruptions), it’s coming out nicely and I’m pleased with it. (this is the next section rolled and ready to quilt)


And finally, once it quit snowing, I rewarded myself for all the snow removal time by SITTING DOWN and making a Valentine’s Day table topper.  Based on a hexagon, as our table seats six, this was fast and easy to do.  Although the quilting, done on my domestic as the longarm was not free, does leave something to be desired.  But it’s done and on the table just in time!


Twice a month!

Hmmmm, twice a month seems to be all I can mange to post these days.  Every day I tell myself I’m going to write a blog post and then life starts and before I know it, it’s after dark and I’m worn out.

What you may ask is wearing me out?   Well, I’ve started each day the last week checking on the baby Angora bunnies!


We started with 7 in the litter, but lost 2 in the first 2 days.  The remaining ones are doing great now, although you can see the little pink skinned one at the front is the runt (and we almost lost it 2 days ago).  Of course now I’m a little nervous about it’s health, so I’m checking multiple times a day.  I can’t wait until they open their eyes!


And there’s the garden to tend.  We’re getting strawberries out of it now:


The broiler chickens are growing (and yes, they are much stinkier than laying hens):



Speaking of laying hens, we’re getting a relatively consistent 7 eggs a day now:


Of course, on top of these regular daily chores, there’s still that thing called work.  LOL  Funny how that always pops up and needs done!  But I’ve done a little bit of sewing of my own.  This quilt top (still not finished) is for Lake Norman Quilters Red and White Challenge for the show this summer (LINK TO INFO HERE)


But the latest development is our pool.  It’s not supposed to look like this:

Iron-and-Copper-in-poolThat’s not algae!  After taking a sample to the pool place today and having the tests run, there’s not a smidgeon of algae in it.  That’s the result of excess Iron and Copper in the water.  The poolman tells me that if I follow the treatment schedule they’re outlined (that takes 3 days to complete), I should have clear sparkly water by Sunday or Monday.  I am, at this point, hopeful but skeptical.


sigh…..and LOOK at that yard!  It needs mowed again!  Maybe tomorrow, or Friday, or Saturday at the latest………….


Perhaps I’ll do better than twice a month with the blog as well, but I’m making no promises.  I’m still trying to figure out how the clock moves from 6a.m. to 10 p.m. so very quickly each day!