A few non-quilt finishes

Over the last week or so I've finished up 2 projects that are NQR (non quilt related).  Both are for me, one has a definite purpose, one is still undetermined. Last winter I started knitting a pair of socks in a fuschia/purple/green yarn.  Then the weather warmed up and I lost interest, until the other … Continue reading A few non-quilt finishes

Learning to Weave

Last year I was gifted with a Beka tabletop weaving loom.  A beautiful piece of equipment that I had not a clue how to use.  But just the wood itself made it a wonder to me (yes, I love wood). While talking with another friend, who is a weaver, I mentioned I had a loom … Continue reading Learning to Weave

Heat, dew, and bowls

Isn't that a strange title, but that's what's on my mind this morning. Listening to the weatherman on the late news last night, I heard him say the predicted heat index for today will be 107!  Now I don't think it's going to get "that" warm (hear that noise, that's the sound of my being … Continue reading Heat, dew, and bowls

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