Quilting and India Ink

NO, not combined! LOL Although that is a thought........hmm..........but back to today.......... Today my customer picked up the Trinity Church quilt, so now I can post some pictures. This quilt will hang in the church to celebrate their 150th anniversary. This quilt was ordered with "Half Binding", that's the brown around the edges. It's ready … Continue reading Quilting and India Ink

Lighthouse Drawing

Final class drawing for this semester, almost completed, just a few more things to finish. Graphite on Bristol Board. I am still enjoying simply graphite pencil work and looking forward to more classes this fall, perhaps another drawing class or maybe painting? Until then, I can see that I'll spend my free time this summer … Continue reading Lighthouse Drawing


Our class is having an exhibit starting May 19th. We're to have 2 or 3 matted drawings from this session. I'm contemplating matting and framing this as one of them. But first I need to finish out the background shading. Not tonight though, I started this in class tonight, brought it home to finish, and … Continue reading Daffodil

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