On the Needles March 22, 2013

Another weekend starting and it’s time for an “On the Needles” post.  I’m really enjoying this as I can track my progress on my projects easily.


This week I’m far enough along in my Top Down Icelandic sweater that I think I’m going to quit working the body, add on the sleeves and then continue the body.  That way I’ll be sure to have enough yarn for both sleeves the length I want and the body can continue on until I’m close to out of yarn or feel it’s long enough.



And I’ve made some progress on my Misty Meadow Mystery KAL.  I’m hoping that the final clue (to be released on March 29th will be a lace border for this, but right now it’s still moving along in basic stripes.

Mystery-Meadow-Clue-3-doneNo matter what the final clue is, I hope it’s going to out of the lighter green as I’m almost out of this skein of the dark contrast color!


My final show for this post is of some actual BLOCKING being done.   I have a terrible habit of postponing the blocking part and on so many knitted items it’s a definite necessary.  You can see here what my Sunset Shawl looked like pre-blocking.  It had curled under edges and didn’t hang pretty at all.  But now that it’s in the blocking stages I can see the pattern more clearly, including how the ruffle is going to lay, and I LOVE IT!



I was going to leave this post with a gratuitous puppy pic, but they were a bundle of energy this morning, all blurs of motion……



Looking for more “On the Needles” posts, stop on over at Patchwork Times  later today and check out what other yarn people have done this week.  And maybe get in on her Pooling Challenge!  I’ve already got my yarn picked for that one, I just need to finish up the socks that are on the needles right now (and were not shown today as there has been NO progress on them at all).


This and that projects

It seems I am making a small amount of progress on various projects, despite the antics of my troublemaker (a.k.a. Snowy)

Not so little troublemakerDoesn’t he look all innocent?  Yeah, well…… ummm…..he has his moments, or days, or in this case week!  Yeah!  Hmmph.  Lucky for him he’s well loved!


But on to the progress part of this post.  I’ve made progress thinking about  Lake Norman Quilters quilt show this summer.  Or at least I’ve made progress to the point of pulling quilts and trying to decide which ones I want to quilt/finish for the show.

decisionsNO, I won’t be finishing ALL of those, but I am narrowing down my choices quite a bit.

And I’ve made some progress on my latest quilt design:

DSCN1060It’s going to be a gorgeous design when it’s done, but as it is all ON THE BIAS, it’s taking a wee bit longer in the piecing sessions than I anticipated.

And my Misty Meadow Shawl is progressing along slowly.  I’m still working on Clue 3 DURING Clue 3 week, so I’m not behind yet:


But my interest has been sidetracked by progress on my Top Down Icelandic Sweater.  Now that I’m working the body section, I really want to get that and the sleeves done so I can STEEK it!  Yes, I’m actually getting excited about cutting my knitting!  LOL



And there’s the usual spring projects, cleaning flower beds, turning the garden, and the daily tending the chickens, rabbits and dogs, along with working and some customer quilting.

All in all I’m making some progress as we turn the season from winter into spring.


Too Cute!



I can hear the mental commentary.  It goes something like this:

Geez Mom!  This sunshine is warm, but I’m bored!  Come play with me please………………..


My answer would have to be “soon little one”.   Running a bit full these days with work and quilting and knitting.  Hopefully I’ll find a convenient way to post with the new computer soon.

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