Cocoa and new art

Time has been passing at the speed of light, if not faster the last few weeks.  Every time I turn around days have gone in a blur of business.  Lots of customer quilting going on, but not many pictures.  I really need to get someplace set up where I can take proper photographs of large quilts, my current setup leaves much to be desired.
But on the home front, we have a new addition to the household.  Cocoa came to live with us today.

She has one blue eye, and one brown eye, which you can’t see in this picture.  She’s as camera shy as her new mama is and I had to use the flash feature to get even this photo of her.

She’s still getting adjusted to her  new home, but our existing furkids took to her almost immediately.  Snowy did give me a bit of trouble this evening, he thought she’d been here long enough and wanted to play with her.  Cocoa, on the other hand, still wasn’t sure exactly where she was, let alone didn’t want to play.  He thinks she’s a puppy, but she’s really 4 years old and a shy little girl.  They’ll learn to handle each other as time goes on!  The good news is she’s learned to negotiate the doggie door (boy did that give me a start to hear while I was in the studio) and she’s eating; both of which mean she will adjust given time and tender care.

I’ve also been working on creating a few new pieces of art.  After many trials and tribulations achieving the effect I wanted thread painting on silk that has been painted, I went back to what I’m comfortable with, photo’s on cotton.  I’ve just started these two pieces, the beginning of a series of small works depecting Autumn and Winter in the Carolinas.

And it feels amazingly wonderful to be creating art again!!!!!!

Getting back into the swing of things……

I am getting back into the swing of things.  This week I actually spent productive time in the studio!!!!  The creative juices are starting to flow again for which I am very grateful.

Today’s work though is not actually in the studio, it’s sorting, organizing and packing up for a trunk show tonight.   Catawba Valley Quilters Guild has asked me to come and give my trunk show “From Here to There and Back Again”.   That’s one of my favourite programs to give!  It’s so much fun and filled with laughter to take that walk down memory lane from my very first quilt to current work.  I started quilting in 1988 as a very traditional quilter, along the way I moved into art quilting and have spent many years bouncing back and forth between the two, trying to meld the two worlds into one.

Of course the packing up is always interesting!  I start with this:

Did I mention that DH has often suggested I reduce this accumulation?  Just because this is on a California King bed and isn’t everything?  Why would I want to reduce?

Did I mention this does NOT include the table runners, or tote bags, or most of the journals…… sigh……..
Of course the goal is to reduce this jumble into a managable volume to carry, show, talk about and have fun with.  And I try to include the good, the bad, and the just plain UGLY!   Hey, I said this lecture was full of laughter!!!!!!

Okay, back to sorting now………and at least I made it up and down the ladder to take some of these off the walls without falling today!

Yesterday I painted……

Yesterday I painted fabrics, today I started working with them. I knew the very first piece I wanted to work on was one I didn’t post yesterday as it never got a chance to be folded up. As soon as I removed the stems and leaves from the piece I knew exactly how I wanted it quilted. But first I had to outline and detail the stems and leaves, add in some ground for them to grow out of and add on the setting pieces.

So, to recap, stage one was painting the center. Stage two is detailing the center and adding the setting. Stage three will be to begin the quilting in all those wonderful open spaces! Then, and only then, will I decide whether or not to add any bling to this. I’m thinking I may, but it depends on how the quilting comes out. I’ll only add the possible bling if it will add to the piece overall.

I’m hoping for Wednesday evening, if all goes well at work this week, to be able to load this and start the quilting on it.

I do wish you could see this in person, my camera just does not do the color and depth justice.