This, that and the other thing Part 2 (the inside stuff)

Moving along to the inside of the house, I stay busy these days here as well.  The longarm quilting business is coming along nicely and I’m back on track after my back issue a couple weeks ago temporarily derailed me.  There have been a lot of pantograph quilts coming through the line-up last month, not much in the way of custom work was on the schedule.  But the next quilt up is custom and freehand, so there should be some pretty pics from that end of indoor life soon.

For my own projects, I am in the process of re-doing the setting triangles around my applique block.  I followed the pattern directions (this is not one of my patterns, but another designer’s) as I read them; yet when I put the triangles on they appeared to be too small and were distorting the center block into a poofy mess.  So I took them off and have made a new set oversized, which I’ll trim down after application:

And this is a good reason to, on occasion, buy that fabric you love in a larger quantity than you think you’ll need.  The old triangles won’t be wasted, they’ll go back in the stash to be used for applique and smaller pieces, but if I hadn’t bought over a yard of this, I wouldn’t have been able to remake the triangles.

Also last week I purchased the threads I needed to complete the hand embroidery on this little art quilt:

And as the weather forecast for the next several days (through next Wednesday) has a higher chance of storms moving through, I may actually get the shadow leaves and flowers embroidered on!

Of course that’s dependent on NOT getting distracted by the new (to me) drum carder that arrived as well last week:

And there is always the knitting waiting to do.  Right now I have a sleeveless shell top in a feather and fan pattern on the needles with only about 7″ more of the back to complete it .  And I have the 2nd sock in a pair of variegated brown lace socks on the needle to be completed.  And in the queue waiting to be done are 3 new shawls and another shell in that same feather and fan pattern.  The first one is coming out a little warmer/fiber content in weight of yarn than the season I wanted it for, so I’m going to make another with a Llama/Cotton blend that is absolutely scrumptious!!!!!  But alas, I didn’t take pics of any of those projects in process.


Now, I’m going to get off this computer and do………………………………..


Oh who knows what there is so much awaiting me to be done!!!!!


Did I mention I love summertime and the longer daylight hours?

Prairie Blooms!

New pattern alert!  The results are back from the testers and the patterns are being printed today for PRAIRIE BLOOMS, my newest quilt pattern!

This wall-hanging finishes at 30″ square and would make a great weekend project using fusible applique.  Or a good beginner applique project for the hand applique enthusiast as the curves are gentle and the size is manageable!

Aw, but I KNOW you want to see the actual quilt itself, in much closer detail, with the QUILTING showing too!

Patterns are available directly from me, comment below and include an e-mail address for my response.  OR you can get yours at the Quilting and Needle Art Extravaganza this coming weekend (Jan 27 & 28) at the Statesville Civic Center, Statesville, NC!  And they’ll be up on the website  soon!

What a week!

Wow!  What a week!!  How did it get to be Friday already?

The week started with the arrival of my  new phone, which of course took a little bit of time to learn to use.  Phones aren’t just phones anymore, they’re little computers with their own software and programming menus!  But I think I’m going to love this and it will be so much easier to share pictures.  That said, here’s a little photo show and tell.

First there was the door painting (by the husband, not me!):

Doesn’t it look great!  He’s only got 3 more doors to go (4 if you count the French doors as separates).  But he swears he will NOT spray paint another door, the fumes are horrendous!  Guess it will have to be a mini-roller……oh wait!!!  If it’s a mini roller it might be my job!  I do not spray paint, aerosol fumes and asthma do not combine well.

Most of the studio time this week was spent quilting, custom on an applique quilt that’s ready to return to the customer.  Hope she likes it:

(More pics to come after the customer sees the quilt!).

That took longer than expected, a full 3 days, and Brandi was getting a little impatient for attention:

See that look of disgust!  And of course she desperately needed groomed, which she got today.  She certainly smells better tonight, but the look of disgust is still on her face.

Of course while I spent 3 days on the above quilt, Baci wanted to jump in my lap every time I sat down:

Since I was working on this applique (for myself), he had to wait…..

Eventually though he got his way…..doesn’t he look content!

Oh and how did the week end?  With an early present to myself!  Years ago I learned to treat myself to a present every year and this year I went all out and purchased the Aurifil suitcase for my applique.  Yep, the whole suitcase!

Yep, that was this week, in a quick recap.  Hope your week was as fun as mine was…. I’m off now to see how much I can cram into one weekend!!!!!