Working Quickly

Let’s try this again, and hopefully it will publish this time?

Usually when I’m painting, I am a slow, deliberate, controlled painter. Every brush stroke is contemplated before it’s taken, and it can take me several sessions to do one painting. Tonight I decided I needed to push myself a bit to work quickly. My goal was to finish an entire painting in one session. I didn’t meet my goal, I thought I had until I looked at my photo’s and see what was left out of the painting. Tomorrow night I’ll finish this painting, but in the meantime, this is what it looks like:


18×24 acrylic

Last night I started working on a small art quilt using only my hand-dyes. I got the base shapes fused into place. My next step is thread painting. From there, I have two different plans for this, depending on what it looks like when the thread painting is done. One will be to finish it as is, the other is to cut it up in pieces, finish each individual section and then put them all back together, not necessarily in the same placement.


I can only hope now that when I hit publish, this post will publish. If I lose it again, then I apologize, but my eyes are tired and I’m not retyping it for a third time tonight!

painting in progress

It’s been way too long since I picked up my paintbrushes. Tonight I had to paint for a bit, I could no longer ignore the desire to paint. And since it’s a Saturday night, everyone deserves a Saturday night off,right?

I’m making progress on this piece. Slow progress, but progress. Of course if I’d listen to that little voice that says “I want to paint” more often, I’d probably make much quicker progress.

The base of the trees are in now, and a hint of snow has been added. A few more details, a final decision on the foreground, and this one will be done.

24×36 acrylic