Saturday play day!

First up, a pic for Sammi, a larger view of the black and white quilt:

I decided this morning to take some time to paint.  It’s been way too long.  First I wanted to finish the painting that has been on the easel staring at me.  It is now done (except for sealing and signing):

12 x 26 acrylic
12 x 26 acrylic

And a detail so you can see the full depth of color in this painting:


Next up is a mixed media piece.  Acrylic and paper on canvas:

11 x 14 mixed media
11 x 14 mixed media

And a detail:

detail acrylic and paper on canvas
detail acrylic and paper on canvas

Both of these pieces were hard to photograph.  Today is such a bright sunny day in the house that I was getting glare no matter where I took the pics from.  One day I’ll take a Photoshop editing class and learn how to reduce glare!

I hope you’re getting some time this weekend to play and refresh your creative self!

sometimes it’s the little things

Being “self-taught” in painting, there are some things which are so elementary, and yet unknown.   And I love it when I have one of those “aha” moments.

Earlier today I had one.  I’m painting something, I don’t yet know what it will evolve into, but I knew I wanted to do it in blocks on a gradated background.
My first attempt left me with wobbly edges to those blocks and a choppy gradation, which I didn’t like:

leaves-before-edges As I was working on some collage piece backgrounds that I had taped down to the table with painters tape, I had that moment.


Now I’ve used painters tape quite frequently in my quilting work, as it doesn’t leave a residue.  But to actually use it in PAINTING, other than masking off the trim on the wall?????   WELL, DUH!!!!!!!!!!  (yes, I am laughing at myself here).

The result AFTER applying painters tape to the blocks and then repainting the gradated background:

leaves-after-edgesMUCH BETTER.   Now, where to go from here, I don’t have a clue, but I’m sure it will evolve into something.

Sunday Painting

Sundays in my house are reserved for creativity and artistic endeavors and regrouping.  No “should do” things, no working on class samples, or lectures, or customer orders.  No bookwork, or paperwork…..just creative things.  Being self-employed, from home, I had to enforce a “day off” policy when I found myself working 7 days a week, week after week after week and feeling burnt out.

Some Sundays it’s gardening, when the weather co-operates, some Sundays it’s painting, or drawing or knitting or re-arranging furniture……not one of the many things I “need” to paint or draw, but something just for me…..just because.

Yesterday was Sunday, and I painted……just for me…….just because…..

I used to drive tractor-trailer with my husband…..and I have lots of photo’s due to that time.  Most I took, as he drove, with a wonderful 35mm camera that took great action shots.  Some I took when we stopped at rest areas and truck stops. (I never took pictures and drove at the same time!)  There are days I miss using that camera.  Unlike my digital, I was always assured a good quality picture from it; never grainy, always clear.

This painting is based on a photo I took while driving  (or riding while DH drove) out in the Utah –  Colorado area  (or so the album says, it was a long time ago!). feb-8th-painting-desert1