Antique quilt update

I spent some time this week working on repairing a friend’s antique quilt. It’s a slow process as the fabrics are quite fragile. The first step was separating all the layers, one stitch at a time. Thankfully it came apart with no further damage in spite of the batting being stuck in places. The next … Continue reading Antique quilt update

Snowy Sunday

It’s a cold and snowy mess here today. We haven’t gotten much snow yet, but it’s changed over to sleet and predicted to change back to snow later. I’m inside just listening to the sleet on the windows. Hopefully the greenhouse survives okay. It’s a cheap frame and I have cactus wintering over inside it. … Continue reading Snowy Sunday

Sewing update

It’s been a while since I did any type of sewing update. But today I remembered to take some pictures Let’s start with some quilting I did for a friend. She had an older quilt that was her son’s that needed some repairs. She took the layers apart and brought me the top and a … Continue reading Sewing update

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