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Slowing down, maybe?

Summer things are starting to slow down here thankfully. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!!

As many of you know, we moved my brother in with us in mid June, and he wasn’t healthy. And a week later he ended up in the hospital for a week. Now mid August the dr appointments have started to settle down to once a week mostly (I’m his driver until his car is repaired at least). He’s doing much better with new dr’s, new meds, and the oxygen.

And of course, at the same time it was the height of canning and gardening and preserving season. So things got a little (okay a lot) chaotic and challenging.

But it’s settling down. Today’s harvest (along with three squash from a neighbor) is almost manageable. Almost.

The other day I had enough to make a garden mix that will be a nice sour addition to meats and rice. I say sour because it used a vinegar and lemon juice mix to bring it to the proper ph for canning. (And then I pressure canned it for added safety).

Up in the coop this year’s new additions are almost to laying size. I thought I had three roosters in my Delaware straight run (3 of 9). Which was one too many for a flock of 20. But now I think my “bonus chick” may be a rooster. And four roosters means two are headed for freezer camp. I plan to keep the gentlest of them only. I know the bonus one is a Buff Cochin and there are two of that breed in the flock.

This is the one I believe may be a rooster. And I’m basing that on the fact that the one I ordered as a sexed chick looks so much different at the same age.

She’s way less developed in size, comb and she has no apparent waddle. And she’s not nearly ready to start laying if the color of her comb is any indication.

As for quilting, between my life and storms, it’s been hit and miss for trying to stay on a schedule. And I’m ever grateful for understanding customers. I’m running behind, last night I finished a July quilt and embroidered the label for a special quilt. Sunday I plan to be back in the studio, but Monday is another appointment for my brother. And so next week begins.

On a good note, I did take a play day last week to go to a guild charity sew day. And had the most enjoyable (and needed) time away! I’m looking forward to the next one!!!

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