Tackling a UFO

Our guild is doing a UFO Challenge this year and of course I’m in. I hope one day to have all my UFO’s finished! It’s a hope.

I’m playing with two lists. One of personal quilts that only need quilted and bound

And one from a list that need finished piecing, quilted and bound

The dollar amounts are what I owe the guild if I don’t finish the quilt within the two months after the number is pulled. (It’s a challenge, but also an internal fundraiser).

At January’s meeting the number 2 was called. And I thought “oh cool” it’s crib sized, it’s already all fused, easy peasy”.

Then I pulled the project and started the stitching. And wow! Easy in that it’s not physically challenging (I’m edging by machine). But it’s been a LONG time since I’ve done this and my skills need practice and I’m slow.

Last night I did the edging on the word “merry”. I’m also using a machine I’m not as familiar with which increases the slowness. It’s not my best work, but I’m getting more comfortable with the machine as I continue

From a distance it looks good! But close up it could stand improvement

And that’s okay as there’s a lot of edge stitching to be done. My plan is to work through one color at a time. I did the merry block and started the skates block with purple last night.

Oh, the entire quilt? Crib sized (wall-hanging), adorable and heavy with tiny pieces as shown below

Perhaps two months may not be enough at 15-20 minutes a day!

3 thoughts on “Tackling a UFO

  1. This is going to be so cute!! I’m not a quilter – do you applique the pieces on to your main piece of fabric? And what are the green swirlies for? Is that a pattern you follow to actually quilt the piece through fabric, batting, and backing?

    1. The fabric pieces are fused to the background (a form of applique) and are held in place long term with the machine stitching. The green swirls are just a print in the background fabric. I liked it better than a solid background fabric. I won’t be following them to quilt, but a person could if they were ambitious.

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