Another DIY mess

It’s been a busy month here. Last fall I had the bright and shiny idea to redo the living room walls. And of course I set a plan of action. Four walls, one at a time, patch small nail holes and repaint. Approximate time frame three weeks max.

And then DH and I started talking about a project we’ve contemplated for 10 years. Closing up the archways between the living room and the kitchen.

One archway has been blocked from usage by a bookcase for many years. Which meant they didn’t look symmetrical above the fireplace. And there was a major draft under the bookcase right to our chairs in the living room.

In this picture we were taking down Christmas and looking at the bookcase that needed moved.

Once we agreed on a plan, deconstruction began and went fairly quickly. Leaving me thinking we’d be right on my timeline. Then we start construction and things slowed down.

Studs needed built and installed.

Drywall started going on both sides.

Drywall and mudding began.

Which leads is to where we are today. The kitchen side is well underway. The final stages of extending the wainscoting and finishing the trim are in process.

The living room side is at a standstill for now. It needs sanded and painted and new trim installed. And the ceiling beam replaced.

Once we complete the kitchen side, we’ll hang plastic to contain as much dust as possible while we work on this project.

But for now, my kitchen is almost back to normal!!!!

2 thoughts on “Another DIY mess

  1. In my experience, construction always takes longer and costs more than you think it will. It’s so great that you can do so much of the work yourself!

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