SAL stitching game plan

Yesterday one of the participants asked me how I planned to break up this SAL into sections. And I thought I would share “my” game plan. You may choose to do the same or you may tackle it differently.

I’ll be working with my material in a scroll rod setup, so my plan is probably a little unorthodox, but fits the way my mind works.

My fabric is 16 count and is 18” x 28” in size.

The pattern is 225 stitches wide by 170 stitches high.

225/16 = 14.06” width

170/16 = 10.625” tall

Since I do my own framing, I am comfortable with 2” either side on smaller pieces. But this one is pretty wide, so I’ll trim my fabric to 20” (from the 28”) and mount it that way.

I’ll then start 2-3/4” in from the top left corner and for January I’ll stitch the top corner and first house.

Come February, I won’t be working across, but rather down the side. This is where the scroll rod setup comes in handy for me. And I’ll start the next house and the border section beside it.

I’ll continue on in this method leaving the trees for last

Each number is a month, with for me a completion at the end of October.

One of my reasons for this is because large sections of color are difficult for me to maintain my attention. So if I leave the trees for last, that’s my reward for getting through the big blocks of color. Yes, it’s a mind game, but I’ve learned to use them to accomplish big tasks.

I’m interested to hear, if you’re stitching along, what your game plan is if you have one.

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