SAL fabrics and floss chosen

On an Instagram post, November 29th, I announced that I would be hosting a SAL starting January 1st. A SAL is a “stitch a long” where many different stitchers work on the same project and share their progress using hashtags. The tag for this SAL is #ChristmasVillageSAL2023.

So far several stitchers I know are joining in on the fun. We’re stitching Christmas Village by Prairie Schooler

My goal is to complete this in time to frame it for Christmas 2023. And to take the first stitches on January 1st, so this also becomes my New Years Day stitch.

I’ve gathered all my supplies and after much consideration have chosen the fabric. I’m stitching with DMC thread. And I’m working on Fiber on a Whim 16 count Aida.

Option one was to use the color “Stone”. But I was concerned about the lightest shade of thread showing up.

Option two was to use the color “Slate” so I did a thread toss on it as well.

Lastly I separated two strands of the lightest DMC and laid them against the fabrics and Slate made the cut.

I feel pretty confident in this choice. Everything is now in it’s project bag and ready for a January 1st start!

Feel free to follow along, stitch with us and share. I’m JWSodypop on Instagram and the tag again is #ChristmasVillageSAL2023.

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