Red, Red and Pink.

There was a lot of red, and pink, color in my world this week.

When I went to the greenhouse, the geranium was fully opened. Geranium blooms in December, from last summer’s porch plants!!!!! Wow! That makes me so happy!

I also found what will be (hopefully) red in the spring if they survive…… baby renegade tomato plants. I have no idea what variety this is as it’s in the planter that holds my chocolate bell pepper plant.

Then there was the red of a customer quilt done this week. Now that it’s been returned to my customer, I can show a picture of a section of it. Isn’t it gorgeous!

And finally some pink! A friend, who knows my love of plants, gifted me this plant and it’s decided to start flowering. Such a gorgeous pink color.

I wonder what color will be prominent next week? Maybe more red? Or green? Blue or purples? As long as it isn’t “snow” white, I’ll be happy. LOL

On the cross stitching front, I’m still puttering away at Glitter Village. I’m almost finished with block six, just the tree and fence left to do.

On a knitting front, I’m back at it again. My replacement needle came in. There’s nothing worse than having a needle come apart in the middle of a sweater that is completely cabled front and back……and dropping about 6″ back worth of stitches. The needle didn’t actually break, it was completely user error. There’s a lot of cables and twists and they were interchangeable needles. As I was twisting the needle in my hands to form the stitches, I unknowingly was loosening the junction of the cable and cord. I’ve since gotten fixed circulars, got all the stitches back in order (whew!) and am making progress again. Perhaps a picture in a future post.

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