November 10, 2022

Good morning. It’s been a rough couple days here. A busy schedule, a time change and some sinus crud all combined to make days difficult to get through. But I’m feeling better this morning, just in time for three jam packed days of stuff, mostly boring but necessary stuff

A quick recap of the highlights for the last couple days. Monday the littles (who are almost full sized now) were introduced to carrot peels. They weren’t sure what to make of those things but eventually decided they were safe to eat.

With the help of a cousin, I did some genealogy research for a special project I’m working on for a special young man. I didn’t realize how far back our roots here go. One branch went back to an immigration from the Netherlands in 1780, another from Germany in 1765. Quite amazing to be able to follow the trail that far back.

As usual there was bread made.

And customer quilting worked on.

And this morning I planted my annual Amaryllis bulb.

Not a lot to show for several days absence posting but honestly just making it through each day was a major chore. I’m glad to be on the mend.

And for the record I really do wish we’d quit the changing clocks junk! And I need to get a rain jacket for walks on those threatening days. Getting caught in the rain on two separate days walks did not help matters.

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