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November 6, 2022

Friends and food.

As those close to me know, I’m not big into eating out, or at least not fast food, grab and go food.

But Sunday we had friends from out of state drop by to visit and we went to dinner.

We decided to go to Lancaster’s BBQ on Rhineheart Road. What a great choice! It’s not the first time I’ve been there, and it won’t be the last! The first time was easily 20 years ago when our daughter and son-in-law came down with the grands. I still remember and smile at B ordering what her daddy did, in spite of it being super spicy!

We started the meal off with the brisket appetizer and yum! I’ve not had much (if any) brisket but wow! That stuff is good. Amongst the four of us there were two bbq trays, a hamburger steak dinner and a brisket dinner, and everyone enjoyed their meal. Not a single negative thing to say.

Earlier in the day I baked some sandwich buns. This has become my new favorite “bread” to bake. And while I am not yet consistent in sizing or shaping, they still taste great!

Tomorrow I return to the studio. As the nights now seem longer due to the time change, I anticipate much more “inside” stuff content as compared to “outside” stuff content. it only makes sense when more of my waking hours will be in the dark.

And about the time change. I really don’t care which “time” we choose, Standard or Daylight Savings, but I truly wish our politicians would get off their collective backsides and choose one as a permanent time!!! This switching back and forth is really draining on both humans and the animals as well. (And that’s the end of my rant.).

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