November 5, 2022

Saturday, a day of leisure, right? Growing up that was my mindset and in some ways it hasn’t changed. It’s just my idea of leisure has drastically changed. Now it means a day away from the phones and a chance to do the big projects. And this week was no different.

The cats definitely still treat Saturday (and every day) as a day of leisure. Oscar loves a box!

One of my projects today was to get the new raised garden beds built. I wanted these last spring, but the price was finally right (to me) now that the garden season is over for most of the country.

They went together nicely, DH and I had them built and placed in less than an hour. The one on the far left was also filled and planted with garlic today.

Then it was time to de-leaf the chicken run roof. I really need to get up there with the pressure washer and give it a good cleaning so they get even more daylight on the days they don’t freely roam the yard. But since it’s all ladder work that may wait until I have help (or a safety supervisor).

Still, the leaves are off the roof for today.

In progress.

And finally I tried my hand at making Boston Baked Beans from scratch using the recipe my mom used to use. So good!!!!!! And having made a big batch (2# dried beans to start) it was intentional to can the extra.

I’m hoping they’ll be good for texture, but time will tell. Either way, I know the flavor is good and they won’t go to waste.

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