November 4, 2022

Yesterday was a long day! Starting around 7 am and going until after 1 am Saturday morning.

The morning was spent in an impromptu canning session when I walked into a manager’s special on chicken at the store. Six jars of ugly chicken and two jars of beef. Pretty easy to do (raw pack) and will make a quick dinner for eight nights sometime in the future.

The afternoon was spent with my knitting group. Actually it’s a knitting and hand work group and I enjoy our weekly get togethers.

The evening was spent canning acorn and butternut squash. And that’s when exhaustion started setting in. Peeling and cubing squash takes forever!!! Or maybe it only felt that way because I didn’t start until after 8pm!

All in all, a very long, but good day.

2 thoughts on “November 4, 2022

  1. Oh great – my comment wasn’t all there 😀 That’s a LOT of canning! I have never canned although it does intrigue me. I had a friend who used to can pickled peaches. SO. GOOD. 😀

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