November 3, 2022

Thursday was a travel/day trip. As I was the driver, there aren’t many pictures. But with the opportunity to have most of the day off and with a friend able to do the same, we headed out early to Pineapple Fabrics warehouse sale.

I didn’t purchase as much as I would have in the past. Years of stash accumulation have left me mostly “STABLE” in fabrics. (STABLE – stash accumulated beyond life expectancy).

And yet still, I needed, no make that WANTED a specific fabric for the background of an upcoming mystery. This light grey fits my vision perfectly. As much as one can have a vision of a mystery!

I also replenished my stash of patriotic fabric for quilts to go to veterans via Purple Heart Homes.

And I picked up some yardage that I just wanted because it’s gorgeous! (This is how stash becomes STABLE over time.)

One picture I did take on location was of a vintage machine. I just love these old machines. This one was not the usual black that is common to see.

And on a final note, even though the temps are in the low to mid 70’s this week, fall is still showing it’s well underway when I take my daily walks.

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