November 2 2022

Continuing the island project. We’ve (DH) moved on to the inside of the island. My husband likes organized spaces and over the years I’ve learned to value organization.

So, he had the idea to add sliders to every shelf area in the island. When he first brought it up 10 years ago I was against it. “You can’t stuff as much in with sliders.” And “you lose space” were my main complaints. But as the years went, and we aged, and life got busier I started to see the value.

So a lot of time has been spent on my end deciding which items I actually use on a regular basis. And he has spent a lot of time watching how I use them and together (mostly him) we have come up with a solution.

My most used items will be on the top shelves, my lesser used on the bottom. And even though I was previously storing my cast iron on the bottom “because it’s heavy”, he pointed out stored on a sturdy pull out on the top shelf meant that I had to lift it less. (The man is very logical!).

And my baking supplies are all close at hand. The Kitchenaid mixer accessories are now in a drawer under the countertop and not in baskets cluttering up the countertop.

Four more sliders to install and I can reclaim my kitchen table and we won’t be eating on tray tables! I can’t wait to show you how he’s planned to organize my baking tins!

Hopefully tomorrow will finish up the island remodel. Then I’ll soon be catching you up on the quilting projects underway

2 thoughts on “November 2 2022

  1. This is great! I have sliders in the two main lower cabinets in my kitchen and I love them. I also have them in the cabinetry in my sunroom. The bottom “shelves” in each for four sections in there slide out. I would have done more of them, but they were very spendy at the time I was remodeling.

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