October goals

As I sat down to write this morning, I realized that it’s the time of year when I want to “start all the new things”. The garden is done, yard work is diminished, nights are longer and my mind immediately thinks “new project”.

But, being the adult my chronological age says I should be, I also realized that I’m swimming in projects. And in one of my Ravelry groups we’re doing FIGGY2022. A “finish it up/gift along” that this is the second year for. So I chose my three, by years end, projects for knitting.

And thought that if I don’t declare my projects to be finished and set my goals, I will continue to flit from project to project and likely never finish any.

All that to say, these are my declared personal project goals for October.

#1. My Raspberry Cardigan. The goal on this as it’s so heavily cabled is to have the body done by the end of October. Which will transfer into the sleeves for November and put me on track to finish it before the end of the year.

There are cables on the fronts too!

#2. And this should be easy to put the heels into three pairs of socks that have languished for want of heels only for way too long. The most difficult part of this (and it really isn’t difficult) is steeking for the heels. I do an afterthought heel on my socks tubes that I crank.

#3. Fall on the Farm. Had I kept up with this, it would have been fully stitched, but life (aka garden and yard) took up a lot of time this summer. Time that I fully enjoyed. Now it’s time to finish this and maybe display it before it’s Christmas decorating time, maybe…….

#4. The last of this month’s list is to finish hand stitching the patches onto this antique quilt top. This is for a friend of my husband and it’s also been here way too long. I’d like for the family to have it back, fully finished for this Christmas. Which means hand stitching this month and quilting and binding immediately after.

So those are my plans, publicly declared. 🤞 I’ll keep you updated as I progress, but for now, it’s Monday morning and time to go to work.

Stay happy, healthy and enjoy the moments……..

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  1. Well dear Judy..You will never be bored! Really like that gorgeous cabled sweater! Susan

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