Chicken coop and a rolling pin

The last few days, once I recovered from yet another sinus infection, have been busy. More busy for DH than me.

It seems like I spend a lot of my days in the kitchen. And one of my little pet peeves is a rolling pin without a holder. It just needs a holder so it’s always cradled where you left it and doesn’t roll away. But I couldn’t find one that suited me to purchase.

Well, I mentioned it to DH and he set to work. He had some oak he had ripped down to 1×2 from a previous project and he had an idea and off he went.

The end result is a PERFECT rolling pin cradle that fits my old, old, never to be gotten rid of rolling pin. Seriously this rolling pin has been with me for over 40 years now.

Once he made it, I coated it with food grade mineral oil and it’s absolutely gorgeous and precious to me. But I’m like that, hand crafted is so much more valuable to me than store bought!

Another project was prepping the chicken coop run for the young ones to move outside soon. I think I showed you in prior years the little warmer we made from an old 5 gallon waterer and a low wattage light bulb. This year we had to do some repairs on the two crates And the entire coop needed a heavy duty cleaning (which I do twice a year). Heavy duty meaning all day! But their little transition space is ready and they’ll move outside this week.

They will spend about a month in this while they grow and the current flock gets used to them. Then the door will be opened so they can mingle with the current flock, but have a hide spot should that mingling not go well at first. Eventually they’ll be too large to get through the doorway and will have fully integrated with the current flock.

I’ve used this system for previous chicks and it works well. And I believe once they are out of the guest bathroom, my allergies (pine shavings as bedding) will settle down quite a bit.

Yesterday was also Bella grooming day, and as per usual she did not cooperate well. She’s a squirmy thing. And at one point she stuck her nose onto the clippers as I was trimming her and took a bit off her nose. Silly rabbit!

She needs more clipping underneath, and her nails trimmed, but she had enough trauma for yesterday

And speaking of trauma, this girl gave me the scare of my life yesterday. She stuck her nose into something she shouldn’t have, ate it, and we had an emergency trip to the vet to induce vomiting. she now has two weeks of vitamin k, but the vet assures me she will be just fine. I, however, aged three years in two hours yesterday.

So that’s my latest adventures. This week I need to pull the garden and compost the plants. Which means revamping the compost bins. Seriously, it never ends, BUT I do enjoy every minute of the lifestyle we have built! Well, except when the temps are in the 90’s like they’ll be for a couple days midweek. But those days just give me more time in the studio doing inside stuff! More on that later in another post………

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