A gorgeous week.

Good morning! I’ve had a gorgeous week here, great weather, the husband was off work for the week, just a great way to welcome in June!

This morning, before I start chores and yard work, I’m enjoying my morning coffee on the porch.

During the week DH worked on a special project for me. After watching me cross stitching and having to loosen screws to get to the backside of the frame, he built a new piece for my floor stand. I had seen something similar in an 8 or 9 year old floss tube and showed him.

I chose oak for the wood because, well I am my father’s daughter and I love seeing grain lines. And after several height and angle adjustments, it’s perfect!

My scroll rods lay on top and I just flip them over to access the backside! Perfection!!!

I had to crop the pic to remove the chart!

The garden is looking good. My spinach and leaf lettuces are done (the chickens enjoyed the plants when I pulled them) and the garden peas have quit flowering. I didn’t get as many peas as I had hoped but I got a taste.

My bare root trees came in and went into pots for this summer. I’ll transplant in the fall when I have the orchard area prepped.

My fall seeds are ordered. I’m looking forward to putting the greenhouse to full use this fall and winter!

This week I finally return to the studio. And I’m looking forward to it! But more about that later. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend! I know I’ll enjoy mine.

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  1. That porch looks so inviting! 🙂 And it’s wonderful to have someone handy to build you stuff that makes your crafting easier 🙂

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